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  1. joshs

    Smoked tater Salad Which wood?

    What wood do you use for smoked tater salad?
  2. joshs

    MES not heating

    This was the problem. Thanks for the help guys. I wonder how many get chunked in the trash over this. If not for this site that is probably where mine would have been.
  3. joshs

    MES not heating

    Its not with the timer. I to have forgot to set it before. I took the back off, but from what I can see there, the wires look good.
  4. joshs

    MES not heating

    I cleaned the sensor in my MES an it still will not heat. Where can I buy the heating element to replace the old one?
  5. joshs

    MES not heating up.

    My MES won't heat up. I think it is the heating element. I guess i have to take the whole back off to replace it? How do I put it back on?
  6. joshs

    I finaly got it . Almost.

    OK thanks. So If I use the starter  at its peak rise will the bread rise better?
  7. joshs

    I finaly got it . Almost.

    I had a starter going that I done myself. I was getting good sourdough Pizza, but hadn't got he rolls yet. It died. I am trying the Oregon sourdough. This stuff rose like crazy.  But I have a question. I feed it and it rose. I feed it some more and it rose again. Now it has went back down. Is it...
  8. joshs

    I give up

    Tried it last year nothing. I tryed to make starter with water and flower, nothing. I tryed with yeast, nothing. The one with yeast wouldn't even rise. What the heck. The yeast might have been old. I put it together the yeast one started to rise. then it went flat. Guess I will have to stick to...
  9. joshs

    Sourdough Starter ??

    I fed it again this morning. But when I just got home few min. ago it had liquid all over the top of it. Did i kill it to day when i fed it again? Do I just pore the liquid off and it be ok? 
  10. joshs

    Sourdough Starter ??

    Its been about 72 hours. There are little bubbles all in it. Is it ready to cook with? I just feed it again at about 8:15 am. 
  11. joshs

    Sourdough Starter ??

    It has gotten bigger. It has little bubbles all in it and has a Cheddar cheese feet kind of smell. Is it suppose to smell like that?
  12. joshs

    Sourdough Starter ??

    I forgot to feed it yesterday. Today was the 48 hr mark. I took out 1/2 a cup. Them added 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup flower. Went to check it alittle while ago and it had grown. So I guess that is a good sign. How long do I have to do this before i can cook with it?   
  13. joshs

    Sourdough Starter ??

    I started sourdough again. Do I need to take 1/2 cup of it out each day and put in 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup flour. that is the way I'm understanding the directions.  
  14. joshs

    1st try Whole Chicken QView

    The bitter skin was probable where you had the blanket on top and the smoke couldn't get out. My chicken skin use to taste bitter till I started leaving the vent open.
  15. joshs

    Wild hog hind quarters..How to smoke?

    THE wild hogs we cook don't have a strong taste. We just put them in the cooker with nothing on them and cook sometimes we inject with apple jusice and sprits while we cook. But they have been skinned not scraped. They where males but not big hogs. Biggest was about 150. No strong taste. they...
  16. joshs

    Whole Hog ???

    Thanks guys. I was just scared it would dry out bad with no skin. That was the first wild hog or any hog I have skinned. But that thing had so much hair I didn't know what to do. The guy that was catcing them said that is how they do it. We don't have alot of access to wild hogs here in...
  17. joshs

    Pork Loin ??

    This was a big loin I cut into 3 pieces. My 10 year old  son wanted to do his own so I cut it into equals and gave him one. 
  18. joshs

    Which injector to buy

    I think I will check one of these out at the farm store. Not anywhere I know of around here that has good BBQ or smoking supplies. If I cant find that I will order one.  
  19. joshs

    Whole Hog ???

    Thanks guy, guess I should have mentioned that it is a reverse flow cooker.
  20. joshs

    Whole Hog ???

    Ok guys I have a whole hog to cook here are the details. It is a wild hog. I have ate them and had just as soon eat a wild hog as tame since it is free meat, Free is always better. I don't know what is weighs at the moment. It is frozen. It is small we have the whole things with head attached...
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