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  1. matchew

    FINISHING SAUCE (for Pulled Pork)

    I would think this sauce would be all you need. The recipe resembles a Caroline sauce/ finishing sauce. It looks so good I might make some this weekend. Thanks for posting the video.
  2. matchew

    Commercial Rubs to Try

    You can't go wrong with SPOG w/ a couple other spices mixed in. I've had great results with my pork ribs and butts using the Yardbird Rub from Plowboys. Their bovine bold rub is great on beef
  3. matchew

    Commercial Rubs to Try

    You can't go wrong with SPOG w/ a couple other spices mixed in. I've had great results with my pork ribs and butts using the Yardbird Rub from Plowboys. Their Bovine Bold rub is great on beef.
  4. matchew

    Calling out a SmokeShop for not removing membrane...

    Since I live in the same area I'd like to know the restaurant.
  5. matchew

    Wednesday Night Ribs

    What time should I be there and do you need any adult beverages?
  6. matchew

    Cooking pork Butts on Thursday

    Personally I would pull after a little rest the same day. Vacuum seal in as many bags as needed then warm the bags up in a pot of hot water on the stove. You can always put the meat in a croc pot after you reheat in the bags. The pork will stay moist and nobody will know you didn't just pull...
  7. matchew

    Pork butt rub. Open to suggestions.

    Do you wrap? I find an unwrapped butt has a harder, more intense bark than wrapped. Just a thought and good luck.
  8. matchew

    Giant Food Sale

    We just got our ad in the paper yesterday. Gonna have to make room in the freezer.
  9. matchew

    pulled pork finishing sauce

    Might have been falconer. I know I've made his recipe before and quite liked it.
  10. matchew

    Ref; Favourite BBQs!

    I've made schlotz's rum recipe and I did a taste test with my kids on a couple racks of SLR's and they liked the rum recipe better than SBR. I really enjoy it and...it gives me a reason to buy more Meyers. And yes, Al...lets see your recipe please.
  11. matchew

    Sauces - North & South

    I've used a couple of the Spruce's bbq recipes and liked them a lot. I will definitely try this one since you've recommended it.
  12. matchew

    Big Weekend for the Final Smokes on my Cheap Offset

    Good job on handing down the smoker! That's how I got into this "obsession". A close friend replaced his old gas fired vertical smoker with a newer, better, faster and stronger gas fired vertical smoker and gave me his old smoker. 25 pounds later I'm obsessed with smoking meats. (thanks...
  13. matchew

    Beef shorties w Qview

    Looking good, mate!
  14. matchew

    A good day to smoke

    That is some mighty good looking meat! That pit looks like it could do some damage to some meat!
  15. matchew

    Odd brisket occurrence

    I don't have nearly the experience as a lot of the fine folks on here but I think MyOwnIdaho has it nailed. Probably need to let it rest a bit longer before cutting.
  16. matchew

    My First Smoked Beef Brisket

    Looking good, brother! I usually have a hard time with smaller cuts like that but, looks like you got it done!
  17. matchew

    Second shot at baby back ribs

    They look good from here, brother!
  18. matchew

    Smoking marathon.

    Looks great, brother! Keep us posted.
  19. matchew

    Pork Butt... To inject, or not to inject

    I inject every time but, you will get as many "no inject" as "do inject". whatever you decide will be the best answer for you. If you inject make sure you put the injection in the fridge before to chill. I've used commercial injections like Dales marinade with very good results, just watch the...
  20. matchew

    When it's time, it's time

    Great looking dinner, brother!
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