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  1. bobcats110

    Looking to borrow large-scale smoker for church fundraiser.

    Looking for someone with a large smoker (likely a trailer-style) that would be willing to loan it out to me to help with a church BBQ ribs fundraiser. We had someone who did this in the past with their own unit, but they have since moved to NC. We can be flexible on dates. Church is in...
  2. bobcats110

    Easter Double Smoked Ham

    Took an already hickory smoked and sliced ham, added some brown mustard and applewood rub, with apple wood in the Weber Smokey Mountain for Easter dinner.  Before/After and Spread photos.  Only two adults and two kids, so we didn't need much.  Packed a dinner with leftovers for a young coworker...
  3. bobcats110

    Super Bowl Indirect smoke

    No real SB party plans, but had the motivation to start up the ole Weber Smokey Mountain 18"-er.  On the grates, small pork loin with an applewood rub, turkey breasts with a kosher rub I got at a contest, and bacon wrapped, shrimp and cheese stuffed jalapenos.  Threw on some hot dogs for kids...
  4. bobcats110

    First FLA smoke

    Moved to Florida this summer and finally got around to getting the smoker up and rolling.  Two small pork butts, one with oil and rub from Commissary BBQ in Memphis, other I experimented and used honey and a homemade rub. I was really happy that the smoker settled in at around 220, at...
  5. bobcats110

    Driving through Memphis around lunchtime Sunday....

    Looking for a place to stop and grab some lunch.  We know about Commissary BBQ - any suggestions of something just off the highway (coming from TX to Nashville) that an easy on/off to pick up some great BBQ? Thanks in advance. 
  6. bobcats110

    Not a big deal...

    ...but I installed a thermometer on my WSM 18.5" that didn't have one before.  Now I don't have to open the lid to check the oven thermometer that I was using previously.  HAs big numbers that are glow in the dark along with the needle.  Boss.
  7. bobcats110

    July 7 RIBS! >>Q VIEW<<

    Between a vacation, a near freezer disaster and life, FINALLY got to smoking some ribs after being inspired on Memorial weekend.  And remembered to take some photos. Typical 3-2-1 method.  Used two different rubs.  Top one is Maple Pecan that I got from Cabella's.  Bottom is from Smokey's BBQ...
  8. bobcats110

    Installing aftermarket thermometer

    I have a WSM 18.5" that I want to install a thermometer in the lid so I don't have to keep opening it to see the over thermometer that I'm currently using.  Any advise on drilling a hole, and where, to get the most accurate readings?  Don't want to mess it up by trial and error. Thanks! 
  9. bobcats110

    Father's Day Ribs

    Hadn't had ribs in a while and we were having another couple over so I figured I'd fire up the Char Griller smoker side for some ribs.  I decided to try three different rubs for an unscientific taste test.  One that I like from a BBQ place in TX (Rio Ranch Seasoning Brisket Rub), another that I...
  10. bobcats110

    Smoked Shrimp for NYE

    Smoked up some shrimp for New Year's Eve.  Got 2 pounds of 26's, shelled them and left the tails on.  Sprinked about 3 TBSP (a little too much) of a seasoning I got from winning a hockey game bet, that would normally be used in a crab cake recipe.  I didn't have anything else mixed up and this...
  11. bobcats110

    First Try at Cheese

    Been wanting to do some for a while, but had to wait for cold temps here in North Texas.  Bought some smaller blocks from the deli today thinking I would do it next week.  But, after reading some posts here, decided I had time to get them in during the Cowboys game.  Looking forward to having...
  12. bobcats110

    Pork loins in the "mystery smoker" (Q-vue)

    Some of you may remember a post from a long while back where I had acquired an unknown brand smoker from a garage sale for $5, which we found later to be a Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5".  I finally got a free day to do something with it.  Thanks to everyone for the advise, especially Smokin Al for...
  13. bobcats110

    What did I buy??? Photo challenge

    I was on my way to see the "Ultimate Grill" at the local Bass Pro on Saturday with a friend when we passed a moving sale in our neighborhood.  We were on a time crunch as we couldn't stop, but I spyied the smoker in the photo as we went by. I called my wife and asked her to walk down and ask how...
  14. bobcats110

    Brisket Trimming

    I'm on a team of guys who, for church events, break out my buddy's big trailer smoker that can hold about 20 full size briskets.  We had an open house last weekend and while cutting everything up, and dealing with a lot of what seemed to be leftover fat that really didn't melt down, started...
  15. bobcats110

    Labor Day - 1st Rib try

    I didn't do a good job of documenting my progress, only the end result.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out using the 2-2-1 method described elsewhere.  My problem was, in addition to trying ribs for the first time, I also tried chunk charcoal for the first time.  In hindsight, I would...
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