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  1. sapper299

    Fannie Farkle smoked sausage

    I have been trying to find out who supplies the smoked sausage to Fannie Farkles in Gatlinburg Tn. I have tried many times to replicate it without much success, so I figured I might try and order a case from the supplier if possible. I just cant find who supplies it or makes ut and Farkles won't...
  2. sapper299

    Venison Ribs

    Venison Ribs can be really good, but you have to live in the south. I smoke mine every year, they get about 1/2" of rib meat on them and are fine. The deer I shot back home in Michigan have a lot of tallow in their fat and its like eating a candle. You do have to eat them hot and you do have to...
  3. sapper299

    Smoked duck and Vension ribs

    First off, these only seem to work well with deer from the Southern/Western states. Northern deer have way too much tallow to get away with cooking like this unless they are eaten right away while still hot. If they cool, its like eating a candle. As you can see in the pictures, these are more...
  4. sapper299

    Smoked duck and Vension ribs

    On the ribs. Its real hit and miss each year.I butcher all my own game, so I can make sure I leave as much meat on the ribs as I can. Just treat them like lean spare ribs, smoke low and check often. Wrap when they start to dry out, glazing with some kind of sauce to add moisture and continue to...
  5. sapper299

    Smoked duck and Vension ribs

    Had some ducks given to me. I doubt these were "wild" but farm raised and free to roam as they were pretty fatty, unlike most of the ducks I get hunting. Anyway, I decided to smoke them with a maple and soy glaze and threw on some venison ribs while I was at it, from last years buck. Turned out...
  6. sapper299

    Elk sausage came out mushy.

    Normally with a mushy texture I find it has not lost enough moisture and needs to smoke/bake longer. The lack of rendered fat indicates that is not the problem and if it was, your sausage would be dry and crumbly, espcially with any type of game meat. I would also go with a harder fat, shoulder...
  7. sapper299

    Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Smoker Mods

    If for some reason welding them together is not your choice, you can use graphite gasket sheet from McMaster Carr, use the 1/16' thick sheet. I have used them on very high temp flame reactors and they work like a charm. Each In stock $78.15 Each 95715K72 Width24"Length24"Seal...
  8. sapper299

    Fannie Farkles smoked sausage from Gatlinburg TN

    I have been trying to mimic or find out who makes the smoked sausage served at Fannie Farkles in Gatlinburg TN without any luck so far. Does anyone know who supplies them or has anyone got a recipe/spice mix for them?
  9. sapper299

    Hello from Kentucky

    Its Dry Ridge area. Just south of Cinci. Hoping to build a large Q pit from a fuel oil tank I have.. Construction pics and results will be posted soon
  10. sapper299

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome. I'm over in Fayette county, but moving up to Grant county and the country next month.
  11. sapper299

    Leatherneck Roll Call.... All Branches Welcome!

    US Army 86-98 combat engineer/Sapper.
  12. sapper299

    Venison shoulder question

    Unless you have a local announcement from the fish and wildlife folks warning against things like TB and chronic wasting disease, there is no need to worry about parasites in venison like you have to with bear and wild hogs. To my knowledge, deer and deer species are not carriers of trichinosis...
  13. sapper299

    Need a recipe

    Thanks, I will give it a shot. No red wine in the recipe.... Thats different from a lot of the ones I found from the UK websites.
  14. sapper299

    Need a recipe

    I am trying to find an authentic recipe for French Toulouse style garlic sausage. Everything I have tried or found ends up tasting just like Polish kielbasa. I have had this sausage when I was living in Germany and it did not taste like Polish sausage, but its been too long to really be able...
  15. sapper299

    Finally got a large Big Green Egg!

    I loved my egg, mother nature had her way with it though.... Sad day indeed. Make sure you move it into a garage or set it into a table that will not flip. Mine was on the rolling stand like yours and the wind caught the cover and flipped it.... Shattering it all over the patio.
  16. sapper299

    Venison meatloaf and wild hog sausage.

    Try adding a sausage link down the center of your meat loaf when you make it. It mught have to cook a little longer, but should not dry out due to the sausage. It gives it a really nice look when you plate it. Use a sausage that has the same sort of flavor- italian seasonings in your meatloaf...
  17. sapper299

    Cured Venison Ham(s)

    Thats a great piece of venison, gonna have to give it a shot.
  18. sapper299

    First time smoking deer

    Venison does not really react well with brines, I always found it to be very salty. If you can lard it with fatback or bacon internally you will get a lot moister roast. 130 - 140 is about the right range, add 5-10 minutes for carryover cooking that will increase IT by 5-10 degrees. We use farm...
  19. sapper299

    Greetings from Kentucky

    Hey Jeff, I am up in Richmond. Welcome to the forum!
  20. sapper299

    Duck Hotdogs

    Too much air incorporated during emulsifying, made them kinda spongy and light, not firm like a good dog should be..... Ate them all anyway!
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