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  1. crankbolt

    Pastrami Saturday

    Thank you !
  2. crankbolt

    Pastrami Saturday

    Well I can say my family gave kudo's and cleared the cutting board. The pastrami was incredible and the smoked Kielbasa was amazing. Another fine Smoke and another recipe for the books 
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  7. Pastrami Saturday

    Pastrami Saturday

  8. crankbolt

    Pastrami Saturday

    I found a couple of Corned beef briskets in the freezer and thought I would do a Pastrami...then I saw the Polish Kielbasa and said what the hell ....why not. Its been smoking for about 6 hours and just pulled off at 205....Hoping this is good. I will let you know. Smoke on Ladies and Gents :)
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  10. crankbolt

    This Saturday's Pig Roast

    So this 120 lb whole hog cook went perfectly. Got it on at 5:30 am. Steady temperature of 225-250. Took 10 hrs to smoke. I used about 50 lbs of Lump charcoal and 1 1/2 bags of Hickory Chunk wood. I pulled it off when the temperature hit 195. I monitored this cook with 3 probes. 1 on the grate, 1...
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  14. This Saturday's Pig Roast

    This Saturday's Pig Roast

  15. crankbolt

    This Saturday's Pig Roast

    Tomorrow morning ...very early doing another pig roast. Picked up this beauty this morning. Dressed out at 120 lbs. All seasoned and resting nicely in the piggy cooler. Got the trailer loaded with all my gear. This is done on all hardwood lump charcoal and hickory wood. I an doing a Jack and...
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  20. crankbolt


    So my first Brisket...was freaked when a 11-12 lb cooking in 6 hours. I put it into a cooler and let it set for over 4 hrs. Was still at 150 degrees when I cut it open. Beautiful smoke ring. The point end was spot on fork tender. The flat end passed the bend test but not as juicy....but the...
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