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  1. simple

    cold smoked bacon observation and question

    I am closer to a rookie than an expert, so I may not know what I'm talking about. I know what I've observed. I've done bacon with Pop's wet cure, dry with TQ and dry with cure #1. The bacon in the wet cure doesn't seem to take on the smoke nearly as well as the dry-cured. Bacon from the wet...
  2. simple

    2 turkey breast questions

    I've been "voluntold" to do a couple turkey breasts in the UDS for thanksgiving.It's been ages since I've done one, but it was in  weber, so I'm no too concerned with the process. My biggest issue is--Gravy. Can't have Thanksgiving without mashed taters & gravy. Should I be able to use a foil...
  3. simple

    holding ribs

    Potluck at work, originally scheduled for the beginning of the shift. Plan was to smoke 4 racks of ribs in the drum before going in, wrap them in foil and towels, and hold them in a cooler. No problem, right? I found out today the schedule has changed and the meal has been moved back 4 hours to...
  4. simple

    how to keep cool?

    Seems like every summer the heat and humidity it takes to wipe me out gets lower and lower. I mow the lawn as early or as late as possible. I've been splitting it in 1/2 this summer and do part one day and the rest another day. And it's *not* a big yard... Atwoods had a towell called Frogg...
  5. simple

    Ozark Oak lump in Tulsa area??

    Warehouse Market seems to have quit carrying it. They now have multiple flavors of Kingsford instead. Any chance somebody here might have a line on finding it in the Tulsa area? Thanks!
  6. simple

    where's ozark oak in tulsa area?

    Warehouse Market seems to have quit carrying it. They now have multiple flavors of Kingsford instead. Any chance somebody here might have a line on finding it in the Tulsa area? Thanks!
  7. simple

    puttin' the UGLY in UDS or UDS Rat Rod style

    Seems to me if we have a thread for gussied-up UDSs, we ought to have a thread for those that stay true to the name."Chrome don't gitya home!" Nothing against those who like 'em painted and purty. Some of them are really sharp and have had a lot of thought and hard work put into them. I'm just...
  8. simple

    down & dirty new braunfels save

    It was a freebie from the side of the road:      http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/206255/it-followed-me-home       I found the clean out door of the firebox facing the cooking chamber so I fixed that. Used a tube of high-temp RTV on the obvious leaks, scraped out the firebox and CC (very...
  9. simple

    trap door clean out for firebox?

    The cheap offset i rescued from the curb doesn't have any way to clean the ashes put of the firebox other than to remove the charcoal grate and start scooping.I was thinking about about cutting the bottom 1/3 of the end plate off and fashioning a drawer I could pull out from under the charcoal...
  10. simple

    It followed me home...

    I had just put time in this spring going through my inventory of spare parts and project modifications-in-waiting (can you believe SWMBO referred to my inventory as "junk"?). I utilized what I could, hid some, gave some parts and pieces away, and some even went to the curb. Down to one UDS and...
  11. simple

    buttered rub insertion

    I've never figured out how to get rub under the skin. Once it gets moist, it's hard to position it.  Had a bright idea this morning that worked pretty slick. Cut thin slices off a stick of butter. Lay them on a piece of wax paper and throw them in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. While they're...
  12. simple

    UDS mailbox amps questions

    I'm getting back into the swing of things after a couple years of life getting in the way of having fun. I've gone from making fairly good money, to unemployed (employer went belly up) to under-employed (but actually enjoying what I do--I think for probably  the first time ever...).  And our...
  13. simple

    amznps question

    I tried my new Amazin Pellet generator the other day in my cold smoker.  I got about 10 hours of hickory smoke out of it; happy with that fact. Noticing how much smoke it put out, I got to wondering if maybe it's too much of a good thing for the size of the smoker. I'm just using a little 4 cu...
  14. simple

    question on Pop's easy bacon process

    If a liquid other than water is used for the process, will it help flavor the bacon?  I've been using applewood, and I'm just not getting the flavor I was looking for.  I suppose it may be not enough time in the smoke, but I've been toying with replacing all or part of the water with apple...
  15. simple

    2 barrels for mass?

    I need two udss like I need another hole in my head. Previously I could make a case for having and using two, but those days are past.  One of the two I have has never run as it should.  It'll run all day and night at 350 or so, but much below that and it's a chore to keep it lit, let alone...
  16. simple

    wet brine absorption?

    One of the things I keep seeing here, and have experienced with what little bacon I've done is the lack of shrinking/curling due to the bellies not being injected the way they are in supermarket bacon. What affect does this process...
  17. simple

    how big of mistake did I make?

    found a butcher shop where I can get bellies w/out skin @ $2.99/lb..  Not as thick as I would like, but that just means I can eat more pieces... I cut a 12 pounder into 4 chunks with TQ and whatever other spices that sounded good at time, bagged 'em up and put them in the garage fridge.  It...
  18. simple

    slab of ribs affect temp reading?

    I have a rack of spareribs on now, only the third time I've tried ribs.  I cannot seem to keep the temp down in the 200-225 range.  Same thing happened last time.  Normally, my drum is rock-solid. I'm using a Maverick 732 thermometer with the pit probe clipped under the rack the ribs are on...
  19. simple

    yuck! I think. smells pretty strong

    Sharp cheddar, apple dust from Todd, and a, um, rather extended and unexpected siesta. As in sawing logs in the recliner... for about 4 hours.   So.... a little over 6 hours of apple smoke before I took the cheese out to wrap and hide in the fridge.  The smell was my first concern--definitely...
  20. simple

    no time to pull after smoking

    I may have royally screwed things up on this, but I did what sounded lease wrong. Two butts on my drum, one 12#, one 8#, both stayed about same in temp until about 170.  Small one had a short stall, then rose logically to 195, so I pulled it The larger one stalled at 170 like the small one...
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