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  1. mcguyver

    Small SFB upgraded

    I built this little smoker primarily to make smoked beef jerky. It is made almost entirely from stuff I had laying around.  My thinking was I only needed to maintain about 145F for a few hours fueled by large lump charcoal and hickory wood.  Easy enough..not so much.  The first batch I started...
  2. mcguyver

    Newbie from Kentucky

    Hi, I just built a smoker and just started experimenting.  My smoker is a 4 ft tank that is 20 inches in diameter.  It stands upright and has 8 shelves and a fire box to the side with a damper in between the firebox and the smoke box.  The temp is controlled with a PID and generally holds the...
  3. mcguyver

    Fuel for smoker

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I had a question about making beef jerky in my smoker.  My smoker is just a tank with a firebox off to the side.  I wanted to know what everyone else was using to fire thier smoker to make jerky.  I tried wood and lump charcoal and both impart too much smoke on the...
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