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  1. wo44

    pizza question

    I keep hearing about folks smoking pizza and how delicious it is --- they all sound incredible and it time to try but I keep seeing different temps and also wondering if you cook the dough a little first or just throw the whole thing in at once - also straight on the grill or a cast iron pan or...
  2. wo44

    got my first point resting

    Was talking in another thread about picking up just a point from a butcher in a chain supermarket - well its resting now before I cube it up for some burnt ends.  Started yesterday with the rub then vacuumed it overnight. Smoked  at 275 then hit a stall at162IT so gave it a quick wrap - broke...
  3. wo44

    search problem

    Is anyone else having a problem typing in the search bar??? I can't see what I type and it will skip letters This is the only time I have this problem BTW - love the site and the people here are the best
  4. wo44

    PORK BUTT QUESTION (rookie mistake)

    Ok - let me start with this --- bought a pork butt at stew leonards the other day -- a nice 8pounder but it is boneless (there is the rookie mistake). Ok I have it all trimmed up and rubbed with a local guys rub that I have been wanting to try - even did a basic injection since I haven't done...
  5. wo44

    another first brisket thread from rookie smoker

    Ok I did my first brisket today - was supposed to be yesterday but that didn't happen - just a 7lb flat as that was what was available First I want to give a shout out to Al for the advice -- a true gentleman So here is what I did - - marinade for a day then before the smoker I put the...
  6. wo44

    second try at baby backs with great results

    My first attempt at bb ribs fell way short of what I wanted --- but the second attempt came out with great results as there was none left and my dad licked the plate a bit that the ribs were on. Ok 2 racks from BJ's wholesalers and I forgot the brand -- but they were meaty and the silverskin...
  7. wo44

    first ever baby backs and chicken

    Ok so here was my first ever smoke Equip-rec tec 680 -- Ok so the taste was pretty good although there was NO bark whatsoever. I really don't know why but I think I didn't put enough rub on the ribs. There was a good smoke ring but I think it could have been more (?) I did the 3-2-1 and still...
  8. wo44

    leaving pellets in hopper

    Very new here and even newer when it comes to smoking  since my rec tec should be coming today (fingers crossed)  I live in NY so that should help with any answer/advice I Question -- since this smoker comes with a 40lb hopper do you or would you leave the pellets in the hopper between cooks...
  9. wo44

    new to SMOKIN old to grilling

    Hi all My name is Walt - I live in NY about 25 miles outside of the city. I just bought a REC TEC and hopeful it will be here soon I have always grilled and for a while now I have been craving smoking instead - better flavor I think and more fun then just throwing meat on a grill. Any...
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