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  1. camox413

    First time Smoked Trout

    I just got back from the lake and I had about 4 stock sized rainbow trout swallow the hook so instead of them going to waste, I figured maybe I can smoke them. Can someone give me some advice? I need to get them cleaned pretty quick here.
  2. camox413

    First time Pork Top Loin Roast

    Hey guys, I've never tried these before but they were buy one get one free and nearly 5 lbs each so I thought what the hell, I'm sure they'll taste good smoked. I've applied a different rub on each one and put them back in the fridge to sit overnight. Can anyone give me any tips on smoking...
  3. camox413

    First Time Smoked Corned Beef

    I've decided to smoke my first corned beef today guys. I'm smoking it on a traeger with hickory pellets. I think for rub I've read that pickling spice and black pepper are a good mix. What do you all think?
  4. camox413

    New Traeger. Need Advice. Food Not Smoky Enough

    Hey guys, So I used to use a basic el cheapo brinkman smoker box. I got tired of it and upgraded to a Traeger Junior Elite 20. I really liked my first cook on it last week but my food was no where near as smokey. I've noticed that once the traeger is up to temp, smoke stops. I know that's how...
  5. camox413

    Need advice smoking rainbow trout

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to smoking but this will be my first time doing fish. I caught a nice rainbow trout this morning and I'm wondering if anybody can give me some advice for smoking it?
  6. camox413

    Pork shoulder oozing green

    My first pork shoulder is oozing green! Is that normal??
  7. camox413

    First pork shoulder butt

    Hey everybody I'm smoking my first pork shoulder butt right now. I put the shoulder on at 4A.M.this morning here in Colorado. I forgot to take before pictures but I'll make sure to get the after at least. The butt has been on for 40 minutes now and I'm just now getting to 200 degrees in my...
  8. camox413

    Another Brinkmann vertical smoker thread (ECB)

    I recently bought a vertical brinkmann dual door smoker. I've read many threads about this cheap smoker. Some love it, some hate it. I thought it would be something good for me to learn on. The previous owner replaced the charcoal basket and water pan with some sort of rectangular pans that...
  9. camox413

    Measuring cooking chamber temp. Advice please!

    So I'm new to smoking and I learned after my first smoke but I need a thermometer to measure my pit temp since the factory one is off. I don't have a lot of money and I saw at Walmart they have a Char-Broil meat Wireless thermometer. If I buy that can I use it to monitor my cooking chamber...
  10. camox413

    New to smoking. Temperature gauge help

    Hey everybody I'm new to the Forum and new to smoking. I'm doing my first smoke right now and I'm pretty sure the factory thermometer on my smoker is off. I know they make the thermometers that you stick into the meat to monitor the temperature while you're away from your smoker but what kind of...
  11. camox413

    First smoke. Leg quarters.

    Hey everybody, I'm in the process of doing my first smoke right now. I'm using a Brinkmann vertical double door smoker aND I'm smoking leg quarters. I'm not sure if the gauge on the door is accurate or not but it says I'm smoking at about 250 right now. I haven't had much luck getting above 250...
  12. camox413

    New to smoking from Denver, Colorado

    Hello all,  My name is Cam, I live in Denver, Colorado. I have never smoked anything but have always wanted to get into it. Yesterday, i bought my first smoker, used, on craigslist. I probably should have read reviews about the different smokers before purchasing one but that's alright, i'm a...
  13. camox413

    New member and first time making snack sticks. Help please!

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and I just made my first batch of snack sticks. Like a jackass, I didn't read the instructions well and put my snack sticks directly in for cooking. Basically, I didn't let them cure overnight. Is that bad? Please tell me I don't need to throw them out! Thank...
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