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  1. joshs

    Smoked tater Salad Which wood?

    What wood do you use for smoked tater salad?
  2. joshs

    MES not heating

    I cleaned the sensor in my MES an it still will not heat. Where can I buy the heating element to replace the old one?
  3. joshs

    MES not heating up.

    My MES won't heat up. I think it is the heating element. I guess i have to take the whole back off to replace it? How do I put it back on?
  4. joshs

    I finaly got it . Almost.

    I had a starter going that I done myself. I was getting good sourdough Pizza, but hadn't got he rolls yet. It died. I am trying the Oregon sourdough. This stuff rose like crazy.  But I have a question. I feed it and it rose. I feed it some more and it rose again. Now it has went back down. Is it...
  5. joshs

    I give up

    Tried it last year nothing. I tryed to make starter with water and flower, nothing. I tryed with yeast, nothing. The one with yeast wouldn't even rise. What the heck. The yeast might have been old. I put it together the yeast one started to rise. then it went flat. Guess I will have to stick to...
  6. joshs

    Sourdough Starter ??

    I started sourdough again. Do I need to take 1/2 cup of it out each day and put in 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup flour. that is the way I'm understanding the directions.  
  7. joshs

    Whole Hog ???

    Ok guys I have a whole hog to cook here are the details. It is a wild hog. I have ate them and had just as soon eat a wild hog as tame since it is free meat, Free is always better. I don't know what is weighs at the moment. It is frozen. It is small we have the whole things with head attached...
  8. joshs

    Pork Loin ??

    I don't know what these weigh seperate. But all 3 together are 7.2 pounds. I want to put them on today but don't know when to start them.  I need them to be ready to eat at about 9 tonight. They have been rubbed, set over night and I just took them out the fridge to worm up some. I have a MES. ...
  9. joshs

    Which injector to buy

    I have a bunch of the Cajun Injectors tha came with their marinades. But here is the problem they don't want to suck up much liquid. When you inject the liquid passes threw the seel and sets on top so after a few injections the liquid is running out the top of the injector instead of the needle...
  10. joshs

    Beef Arm Roast enchilada ??

    How long do I need to smoke this to make enchiladas out of it? So I guess I need to know what temp I can chop it up at or pull it like pork. Never smoked beef.  
  11. joshs

    Smoked Drum Sticks

    Thanks guys for the help the chicken looks alot better with the vent open. Smoked with hickory and seasoned with shake n bake.My dates are wrong.
  12. joshs

    acu rite

    My acr rite says LL when I put the prob in the meat an turn on. What dose this mean?
  13. joshs


    I see chicken on here that looks good. My chicken is always really dark almost black and sometimes black. What am I doing wrong? I have a MES and I leave the vent closed. Is this causing the problem?
  14. joshs

    Chicken drum sticks???

    I have some drum sticks with skin on. How would you smoke them? My smoker only goes to 275. Whith wood? any seasoning? let me know what you would do never done drum sticks. Just started smoker going to put them in when temp gets up. Thanks.   
  15. joshs


    I started another sourdough starter. It looked good for 2 days. Them today it is all runny I stired it up once today and it looks that way again. Any ideals?
  16. joshs

    White Bread ???

    Made some white bread for the old lady. It has a good taste and texture on the inside but the out side is hard. Is there away to cook it and still get the inside done and the outside not be so hard? The directions said 45 min at 375 I done 45 at 350.
  17. joshs

    Another SourDough ???

    I got 2 sets going one has yeast and sugar,water, milk, and flour. It smells great. I started the othe with Bread flour and water. It stinks. It has a funky smell. Any ideas?
  18. joshs

    Flower for Sourdough?

    The flour I used was self rising that was bleached is this ok
  19. joshs


    What kind of flower do I need?
  20. joshs

    Friendship bread?????

    Anybody got a recipe for friendship bread or is it the same as a sourdough bread?
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