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  1. fish hunt man

    Smoked Elk Sausage

    Recipe? I am going to be making some venison sausage. Last time I tried was rather tame in the spice dept...
  2. fish hunt man

    Seeking Advise for Smoking Smelt...

    Thanks alot for posting Bilder! Really cool you get to bring your girls our for the fun!
  3. fish hunt man

    Comment by 'fish hunt man' in media '100_2225.JPG'

    Wish we could used these as bait still, they worked great the one time I used them. Lake Superior has been designated a VHS lake and you cannot take fish out for use in other lake.
  4. fish hunt man

    Seeking Advise for Smoking Smelt...

    Thanks for your help Dave, really appreciate it! So by "hard smoked" do you mean they dry out and turn hard or hardwood smoked? Or something else? :) I think the needle thread would be the best use of space in the smoker. Thanks again!
  5. fish hunt man

    Seeking Advise for Smoking Smelt...

    Thanks Jeff, sounds simple, aside from wrapping all those little fish :)M Made my mouth water thinking about it! Have any ideas about how to store, once smoked? Best, Mike
  6. fish hunt man

    Seeking Advise for Smoking Smelt...

    Hello All, Went smelting last year for the first time. Cleaned them up but couldn't find enough people interested in eating these babies. I decided to smoke them up when it gets a bit warmer here in MN. I am looking for advise on how to do this. I have 2 typical cheap smokers with charcoal on...
  7. 2009-11-10 10.27.31.jpg

    2009-11-10 10.27.31.jpg

  8. 2009-11-07 13.12.05.jpg

    2009-11-07 13.12.05.jpg

  9. 2009-10-31 10.22.42.jpg

    2009-10-31 10.22.42.jpg

  10. 2009-10-28 21.00.18.jpg

    2009-10-28 21.00.18.jpg

  11. 2009-10-18 19.02.59.jpg

    2009-10-18 19.02.59.jpg

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  16. Vension Summer Sausage and Jerky

    Vension Summer Sausage and Jerky

  17. 100_2245.JPG


  18. 100_2244.JPG


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  20. 100_2242.JPG


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