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  1. banacanin

    Pancetta, First try. Picts.

    I hope you don't mind me asking so many questions but your bacon has an amazing colour to it. Would you mind sharing what you used for the cure?
  2. banacanin

    Pancetta, First try. Picts.

    I was just wondering how you took the skin off because  I don't know of an easy way of doing it. when I make cracklins I cube the belly and just cut the skin off of the cubes seperately.
  3. banacanin

    The Big Build

    That is an Awesome idea!
  4. banacanin

    Purchasing a new smoker

    I went on the site and found this quote (below in red), but I have also seen pellets made and I'm not sure that it really gets that hot. Yes it is hot enough for some of the water in the wood to turn into steam, but I wonder if it is hot enough for long enough to get things like rust or...
  5. banacanin

    Purchasing a new smoker

    My concern with pellets is that saw mills are not the cleanest places on earth and  something foreign can easily get into the saw dust before it is pressed. I was wondering if any of the pellet stoves could run off of corn and if the burning corn would produce a nice smelling smoke? Thanks, Marko
  6. banacanin

    Thermostat for my 'lectric elcheapo Brinkman

    well a toaster oven is on sale at Canadian tire, I might have a little project this weekend!
  7. banacanin

    Christened the new MES

    I know I am waiting
  8. banacanin

    Thermostat for my 'lectric elcheapo Brinkman

    Hi everyone, As always I am looking to reinvent the wheel a bit.  I want to bodge my smoker so that I can have some temperature control. All of the oven thermostats that I have found online or locally are upwards of 100 dollars and some of them are not complete. I was thinking about buying a...
  9. banacanin

    I hit my first homerun today......

    That was a thing of beauty.
  10. banacanin

    first time smoking ribs!

    Good work Nik, now you can try to top my brisket :-)
  11. banacanin

    Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

    I have a couple The main unit I have is a Char- Griller Super Pro with the smoker attachment.  I modified it some by rigging a tomato cooker burner inside the smoker attachment. I put it in by placing the threaded part of the valve that screws into the burner through the vent hole of the smoker...
  12. banacanin

    Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

    I am really enjoying reading a lot of the threads on this site, and have already recommended the site to my brother. I am really impressed by the level of skill and willingness to share around here. I have plenty to learn yet, but I hope to eventually have plenty to offer :-)
  13. banacanin

    Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

    I got my young never frozen turkey this morning from my local meat packing place, It is in the bath now (just your basics; coarse salt, pepper corns, sage, celery salt and a bit of a cheater- poultry seasoning) and in another bath I have my wood chips (Oak whiskey barrel chips, cherry wood...
  14. banacanin

    Ring Bologna in beef rounds

    This is very cool. I am glad I joined this forum, it looks like I can learn a lot here.
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