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  1. srkays

    Pork Butt Cooking Temps

    Read where temp to cook pork butts is anywhere between 225F and 240F. I cooked three 5-pound pork butts this weekend with my 30" MES set at 230F. I assumed 2 hrs per pound or a "total" cooking time of 10 hours. After almost 12 hours temps of butts still at 165F or so. I understand stalling...
  2. srkays

    Help! Two small butts vs one large cooking time?

    I assume smoking one 5 pound pork butt at 225F - 240F takes about 1.5 to 2 hours per pound? I put 3 5-pound pork butts in my 30" Masterbuilt Elec Smoker (MES), and after about 12 hours internal temps were still only around 170F. Double wrapped in aluminum foil and put in oven at 275F and will...
  3. srkays

    Pork Butt today -- updated w/ a question

    Have a quick question regarding how long to smoke a pork butt. Everything I read says 225F - 240F and 1.5 to 2.5 hours per pound. Placed three 5-pound pork butts in my MasterBuilt 30" Elec Smoker. I assume it would take around 7 hours keeping the smoker temp at 230F. After almost 12 hours...
  4. srkays

    Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Doesn't work well when hot smoking

    Used my cold smoker attachment for first time today smoking to 4# pork butts. Cold smoker initially produced a lot of smoke, but then smoke seemed to die down. I started to think it was because the ash was not falling through the metal mesh screen and preventing chips above the ash layer from...
  5. srkays

    Masterbuilt Slow Smoker attachment

    One would think Masterbuilt would have thought of this.  I also think it depends on how long you have the smoke on. And that was another question I have for the group.  Hypothetically speaking, let's say it takes 3 hours to smoke whole chickens at 225F.  Do you smoke the ENTIRE 3 hours or 2...
  6. srkays

    Masterbuilt Slow Smoker attachment

    Interested if anyone has used Masterbuilt's Electric Smoker (MES) Slow Smoker attachment? Just purchased the slow smoker attachment for my 40" digital MES.  What lead me into buying it was the lack of smoke when I recently smoked some King Mackerel fillets.  My recipe for smoked King Mackerel...
  7. srkays

    Picture of modified MES 40" with amps

    Can someone send me a picture of their 40" MES with one of those amps pellet burners installed please.  For the life of me I cannot picture in my mind how that amps is placed inside the MES.  BTW...I have the latest 40" MES. Thank you, Stan
  8. srkays

    Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

    I have the latest model of Masterbuilt's Digital Electric Smoker...Model 20078715. Those that use the Amazen tray, has anyone used the tray in this smoker and if so, would love to see a picture of how it is placed in the smoker and any lessons learned. Thanks guys... Stan [email protected]
  9. srkays

    Temperature to get dry chips to smoke in MES

    Oh...never got any reponse back from the AMAZEN folks.
  10. srkays

    Temperature to get dry chips to smoke in MES

    I have gone to the AMAZEN web site, looked at their products, and sent them emails for information/clarification.  My problem is the new MES 30" (20078715) does not have sufficient space to put the AMAZEN tray...even with the MES chip tray removed. Could I take my first 'tube' load of chips and...
  11. srkays

    Temperature to get dry chips to smoke in MES

    I have had a MB 40" propane smoker and main complaint was temperature control.  I could never seem to get the temp below 200F.  Gas burner on low, minimal chips, etc.  Not great when trying to smoke salmon, king mackerel, or other meats requiring low temps...160F or so. I recently replaced the...
  12. srkays

    Leaving rub on pork butts for 2-days before smoking

    Any problems letting a couple of pork butts covered in rub sit in zip loc bags in the fridge for a couple of days before smoking?
  13. srkays

    New MES --Help!!

    I appreciate everyone's response to my questions and concerns.  Appears I hooked up with a great smoker forum with some experienced folks that have gone through the learning curve.  Thank you
  14. srkays

    New MES --Help!!

    Sounds like I need to put the chips in prior to starting the MES 30".  That way the heating element will stay on until the unit reaches the desired temperature.  Or, I can always put the chips in chips in the chip feeder tube, hold one of those long BBQ butane lighters to the chips and get them...
  15. srkays

    New MES --Help!!

    Is this an older MES 30" smoker?  Interior doesn't look like mine. I have the latest one with the smoke vent back on the top rather than the side. Also...I purchased the stand for the MES 30" (not the leg stand), and later found out it was not compatible with the latest MES 30".  The resized...
  16. srkays

    New MES --Help!!

    Appreciate the feedback. I sent the company that makes the smoke generator that uses 'pellets' and asked a couple of questions. If I remove the MES chip tray, can the metal smoke generator containing the pellets rest right on top of the MES heating coil?  And that said, could I also just wrap...
  17. srkays

    New MES --Help!!

    I confirmed chips were in the tray when I checked this morning.  No chip pieces laying around outside of the chip tray or on the bottom of the smoker. Recap from seasoning effort last evening: 1.  Set temp and time:  275F for 3 hrs. 2.  With 45 minutes remaining, put a load of chips in the...
  18. srkays

    Switching from Masterbuilt Propane 40" to MES 30"

    Just a few questions regarding the AMZNPS please. Is there a specific size for the MES 30"? Do I just slide out the chip tray, put in their smoking product, and then just place the AMZNPS right on top of the coils? What happens to the ash...if there is ash...from the AMZNPS?  Lands right on...
  19. srkays

    MES 30" - Smoke Control

    Just got my MES 30" Digital (no bluetooth/no window). During seasoning breakin, put in chips with 45 minutes remaining at 275F.  It took almost 30 minutes for dry chips to start smoking.  Reading some threads, it seems keeping the smoke going at 160F to 190F (Salmon temps), is difficult. Would...
  20. srkays

    New MES --Help!!

    (Didn't finish the post...new to electric smoking) 2.  After 2 hours 15 minutes I added chips so it would smoke last 45 minutes. After almost 30 minutes, I still DO NOT see any smoke coming out of the smoker.  Digital readout still shows around 275F.  Chips were dry hickory and cherry (mix). ...
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