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  1. chriskas

    SV ribs then smoke

    I have tried presmoking the ribs before and after smoking as well. Does the smoke temp really matter that much if I can just put it in the traeger at 200 or 225? The recipe I follow on youtube was Guga's and he smoked his ribs at 155 to keep the temp around the same and then puts it in the...
  2. chriskas

    SV ribs then smoke

    So I have been doing SV ribs for a while now. The nice things are that the cooks go great and food comes out good every time. I do 160 degrees for 24 hours. Then I smoke for 3 hours. Ideally I would like to smoke at a low temp 150 degrees, but my trager doesn’t go below 180 and getting my...
  3. chriskas

    How to make a seafood boil without/less spicy

    Hey all, Love the forum.  Got great tips on the ribs.  Its now a routine thing and the family loves it.  Ive been doing seafood boils for years now and feel like I have it down to an exact science.  My parents now want me to make it for them.... And they can't handle too much spice.  When I...
  4. chriskas

    First Smoke not as good as I'd like

    So, I did my second round of ribs and it came out AMAZING!!! (Still cook it with the same rub and at the same temp 225) - Did a few things differently.  First off, I did cherry wood instead of the pellets I used before (can I put cherry wood in the AMAZEN?).  That made a big difference.  Didn't...
  5. chriskas

    First Smoke not as good as I'd like

    The foiling juice sounds amazing.  I am gonna try that out for the ribs this weekend.  I'll let you guys know how every turns out.  
  6. chriskas

    First Smoke not as good as I'd like

    Wow, thanks guys for the prompt replies.  I am gonna try another round this weekend for the ribs, not 3 racks this time, just one (more of an experiment really).  I will definitely try some more fruity wood chips (Cherry sounds good to me).  For the 3-2-1 process, would you guys suggest doing a...
  7. chriskas

    First Smoke not as good as I'd like

    So I've been wanting to smoke ribs for a long time, but I was living in an apartment for years, so never really had the chance.  Well I moved into a house and got really excited and did some research of smokers.  I wanted to do something easy as I have no idea what I am doing.  So I bough a...
  8. chriskas

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hello all, My name is Chris and I am from Los Angeles county.  I just bough an Master Built Electric smoker 1 week ago and did my first smoked rib cookout this weekend!  I as beginner as it gets.  
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