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  1. redz

    pulled pork shoulder

    Ok so my Pork shoulder just 199IT... Can i take it out now and start pulling it apart?  its not getting eaten until about 3 or 4 pm. should i use the cooler method and let it sit for 3-4 hrs? and pull it around 1-130? any help is appreciated. thanks Mike!
  2. redz

    Smoked ribs 2-2-1 method

    i Notice i never see a smoke ring..not a HUGE deal but could it be because of foiling the ribs?
  3. Smoked ribs 2-2-1 method

    Smoked ribs 2-2-1 method

  4. redz

    Smoked ribs 2-2-1 method

    I smoked some ribs today..weather was kinda cold  (Temp around 0) but they turned out perfect MES smoker held up pretty good... iv'e  been using this new bbq sauce i was recently introduced to called Cattle Boyz Original BBQ sauce... its ON POINT! next time im going to try not wrapping...
  5. Smoked ribs (2 of 2).jpg

    Smoked ribs (2 of 2).jpg

  6. Smoked ribs (1 of 2).jpg

    Smoked ribs (1 of 2).jpg

  7. redz

    jerk chicken!

    looks good bro...i might have to try that out!
  8. redz

    Meat Cooking Too Fast

    Will Do..Thank You sir!
  9. redz

    Meat Cooking Too Fast

    this is exactly what i was looking for, great Advice from good ppl thanks everyone for the feed back, the ribs were great, better than the ones i did yesterday they completely dried out.....next step pork butt or brisket not sure yet!!!!
  10. redz


    Hello Everyone my names Michael "Redz" Yorke. Born in Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Now living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada!!! i Use a Bass Pro Shops Masterbuilt Elec. Smoker (just got it 2 weeks ago), i love bbq, and smoking meat im trying to start small and work my way up to the big...
  11. redz

    Meat Cooking Too Fast

    So i need some help.. i just got a new Bass Pro Shop Master-built electric smoker,  and im trying to smoke some ribs but for some reason they been in the smoker for only 1HR and my wireless Master Forge meat probe is reading the meat temp is 176 i have my smoker set to 220 and for some reason...
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