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  1. crankbolt

    Pastrami Saturday

    I found a couple of Corned beef briskets in the freezer and thought I would do a Pastrami...then I saw the Polish Kielbasa and said what the hell ....why not. Its been smoking for about 6 hours and just pulled off at 205....Hoping this is good. I will let you know. Smoke on Ladies and Gents :)
  2. crankbolt

    This Saturday's Pig Roast

    Tomorrow morning ...very early doing another pig roast. Picked up this beauty this morning. Dressed out at 120 lbs. All seasoned and resting nicely in the piggy cooler. Got the trailer loaded with all my gear. This is done on all hardwood lump charcoal and hickory wood. I an doing a Jack and...
  3. crankbolt


    So thinking it was going to takes at least 10 hrs to smoke this 12 lb brisket, I get up at 4:30 to get the smoker ready. I get the meat on at 5:30... The family is not a fan of huge bark so I low smoke at 250 for 3 hrs. It did hit 275 1 time and I cured that quickly. I wrap in and put my probe...
  4. crankbolt


    Hello Fellow Smokers,  Going to be doing my first brisket on Sunday.... should I start with a packer or flat cut ? Cannot find Briskets at the local grocery stores. Can get at one of my favorite butchers... Salem Prime cuts. Price is $3.99 a lb. Good price/average? Packer or flat....eager mind...
  5. crankbolt

    Sunday's smoke

    Had smoked my first whole chickens last Sunday...Made my own rub and smoked 2 6 lb chickens. Smoked with Cherry wood and sprays of OJ after the first 1.5 hours of smoking with out cracking the door. Took 5 hrs. The first 1.5 hrs at 300, the dropped to 225 -250 for the next 3.5 hrs. Amazing...
  6. crankbolt


    Ok people... I need a good opinion. I am really considering the purchase of this Meadow  Creek TS250. I was looking at a Shirley Manufacturing smoker but its a little bit beyond reach at $9000  plus a 20 month back order. This is new and only 36 miles away. Price is in my range @  $5775.00 Any...
  7. crankbolt

    Sunday is Smoke Day!

    My Sunday Smoke,fresh Baby back ribs from Salem Prime Cuts Thanks to my boys for the special Lump Charcoal order for me Went and picked up my Favorite wood chunks, Apple,Mesquite and Hickory....Out of Cherry wood until next week. Low and slow 321 method for this Smoke.....Happy BBQ...
  8. crankbolt

    CT. Loves BBQ

    Great hold on Temperature with new baffle kit by Lava Rock Nice translucent smoke using lump natural charcoal 5 hrs into a Pork Butt smoke last years piggy :) My next purchase by Shirley Manufacturing....Awesome smoker! Would love to hear from fellow New England Smokers
  9. crankbolt

    New Char-griller

    New baffle plates, great addition for even heat across the cooking area I love my new Char-griller Held a nice tempature with the addition of Baffles plates found on line made by Lava Rock Nice Translucent smoke Pork Butt after 5 hrs hit the stall temp of 165 into a covered pan...
  10. crankbolt

    Great first smoking experience

    So my smoking went very well, A nice pork butt 10 lbs. It went like I read 5 hours into the smoking reached stall point 165 degrees. Into a covered pan, about 4 hrs later reached 195. Pulled the cover, a little coating on BBQ sauce. Pulled it off at 198. Into a cooler to set for about an hour...
  11. crankbolt

    Hello All

    My name is Jim and I live in Connecticut. I am new to this forum. I have been cooking for many years. I have probably cooked over 30 whole hogs in various methods with great success. I recently traveled to Mount Eagle Tennessee with my wife for her business. I met and Good Ol' Cowboy who was...
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