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  1. flyhigh123

    How Long for Beef Short Rib Rack

    I plan to smoke some beef short ribs in a rack. Not cut to individuals.  How long should i smoke it to get it to be soft, fork tender, right before fall off the bone? 4-2-1?
  2. flyhigh123

    1st Beef Ribs

    karen, i love beef ribs, here is the secret! Go to any Korean supermarket and ask the butcher for a short rib rack. Koreans eat a lot of beef short rib, but they cut it cross wise. Ask the butcher for one uncut and ask for a meaty one. you won't regret it!  There are a lot of Korean...
  3. flyhigh123

    Where to buy MEATY beef ribs in So Cal?

    Where can i find Meaty beef ribs, or meaty short rib with bone in so cal? All the beef ribs i find around me have very little meat....
  4. flyhigh123

    Los Angeles....Free: Masterbuilt 30 smoker, semi working

    the display is pretty close to brand new. they sent me a replacement display control only a few months back
  5. flyhigh123

    Los Angeles....Free: Masterbuilt 30 smoker, semi working

    Free smoker.... sometimes the smoker shuts off mid smoke or the heating element is going out. It should be a simple fix if you can take off the back and do the wiring. I ended up buying a 40" masterbuilt and never got around to fixing this one. Perfect for a cold smoker as well... message me...
  6. flyhigh123

    30" MES problem- power intermittent

    I have a 30" MES smoker, about 4 years old. Recently, the power will auto shut off and sometimes the LED just goes out and the buttons stop working. Does this sound like my electronics have gone bad? Should I buy a new one or is this something salvageable. BTW, my hinge still falls off almost...
  7. flyhigh123

    Dedicated refridgerator for dry aging Beef.. That's my project this weekend!

    Why does the wet age affect it? For example, I wen to eat at Abe and Louie's in Boston ( which is my favorite steakhouse in the USA currently, i'm from LA) and they say they wet age 20 days and also dry age another 30 or something like that.
  8. flyhigh123

    Dedicated refridgerator for dry aging Beef.. That's my project this weekend!

    Question: I once aged a CHOICE prime rib roast. It was done for about 25 days in my fridge. I didn't notice too much of the enzyme's making the meet even more tender. I was told that since it was choice, it can only get so tender and that dry aging  CHOICE doesn't make as much of a difference...
  9. flyhigh123

    Where to Buy Beef Ribs?

    Where can I buy beef ribs where they don't cut out all the meat inbetween the bones? It seems like all the markets that sell beef ribs take out all the good meat so its hard to find a meaty rib.
  10. flyhigh123

    wagyu meat

    Had smoked austrailian wage beef ribs the other day. ITs a fattier marble but I think overly fatty since beef rib is already a fatty cut. However it was really good and soft. I have on order a short rib wagyu I'll be smoking soon. After that I'll be smoking brisket wagyu. I'll keep you guys...
  11. flyhigh123

    Safeway Brisket

    I like to take it to about 185 for good slicing, but it's preference. 200+ is more pulled brisket?
  12. flyhigh123

    100% Guaranteed Premium Master Cut Aged Tender Beef

    the easiest way is ask the butcher at the supermarket. Even Lucky's and savemart will have their own butcher. They should know if it is select or choice and if aged, how long.
  13. flyhigh123

    Buffalo Brisket and Wagyu

    just an update, tried the kobe beef ribs and they were great! very meaty! Just ordered another pack for myself. If anyone in the LA area wants, i can order them a pack of kobe( i think grade 3) beef ribs. PM me for price.
  14. flyhigh123

    Buffalo Brisket and Wagyu

    thanks for the replies... maybe i'll try buffalo ribs instead of brisket...
  15. flyhigh123

    Buffalo Brisket and Wagyu

    I have a friend that has a hook up for Buffalo and Wagyu meats... Are there any cuts on either of these two that would be good for smoking? How about Buffalo or Wagyu briskets? Is it worth paying a bit more to try these? Will it be more tender? Going to try to smoke Wagyu beef ribs this...
  16. flyhigh123

    Smoking unique cutsof beef...

    well, for bone marrow, i think its making a come back... a lot of fine dining restaurants will serve bone marrow... maybe bone marrow, mixed in with some carbs or made with a fried rice would be yummy... maybe bone marrow, smoked, and then lightly crisped on a pan like bacon? but anyways, i...
  17. flyhigh123

    Smoking unique cutsof beef...

    I was wondering if anyone has smoked the following cuts of meat and also, what other "different" pieces of meat and beef you have smoked? I was thinking of smoking bone marrow. I saw some nice pieces at the market and thought that this would taste pretty good. How about Beef Oxtail? I love...
  18. flyhigh123

    Ribs for 150 people!?

    just bring more filler... some rolls, mash potatoes etc... then you'll have plenty... but if its just meat and beans, then it could be close... for large groups, i think starting them on some filler is better...
  19. flyhigh123

    Need advice on Brisket: needs to be cooked by friday, eaten sunday

    thanks guys! I'm gonna start smoking thursday night around 8pm and smoke for about 10-11 hours taking it to around 180-190... then vacuum pack it, ice it and reheat either on grill or in boiling water... Mmmm
  20. flyhigh123

    Need advice on Brisket: needs to be cooked by friday, eaten sunday

    My buddy is asking me to smoke some meats for a BBQ. I need the brisket and or pulled pork to be finished smoking by friday noon time since he lives far from me and I plan on spending the weekend where he lives. The party wont be until Sunday afternoon. I normally like sliced brisket, so...
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