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  1. sjturbo

    Rib fail, Suggestions please.

    Second rib failure. Used a combo of kingsford brics and mesquite chunk. Trouble keeping heat under control at times. Generally was able to keep between 225 and 235.Total time approx. 4hrs in smoker. Used water pan. Sometimes dropped to 219 for very short periods. Great tasting bark, somewhat the...
  2. sjturbo

    Grill Grates for Smokey Joe Longhorn Combo?

    I am considering getting some GrillGrates for my Longhorn Combo. The sizes offered will need some cutting but I wondered if anyone has tried them on the SM Longhorn Combo?
  3. sjturbo

    Charcoal Basket Question

    My son welded a charcoal basket (14x12x6), for my OK Joe Combo and I could use some help from those more experienced than me. I would like to use a combination of brics and lump. My thought is to fire up a chimney of the brics, dump in the basket and add unlit lump to fill the basket on top.  Or...
  4. sjturbo

    Need advice for cold smoking with OK Joe and AMAZN Tube Smoker

    I should have listened but I had to get one anyway. Todd said I would have trouble keeping the Tube Smoker going in an offset smoker but I thought I would try one anyway. Well here I am red faced looking for advice from anyone that has also tried this but was inventive enough to overcome the...
  5. sjturbo

    Seasoning smoker, ammonia odor?

    Here is a strange one. I have an OK Joe Longhorn combo and did the initial seasoning today. Sprayed the interior with canola oil and brought the temp to 250 for about four hours using Kingsford "regular" brics. As the heat died down I opened the cook chamber and got the odor of ammonia. Not...
  6. sjturbo

    Need some advice on Apple pellets

    Deleted. Sorry double post!
  7. sjturbo

    Need some advice on Apple pellets

    I love all things smoked and apple is my favorite when it comes to bacon and cheese! So now that I have my own smoker I would appreciate some help from all the seasoned veteran's on the preferred brand some of you use? I know some are pure apple and others are a "blend". Would the pure apple...
  8. sjturbo

    A-Maz-N in offset smoker?

    I'm curious, has anyone tried the AMNPS or AMNTS in an offset smoker? Or are they usually used in other types or generally used for cold smoking?
  9. sjturbo

    Anyone Tried the Char-Broil SS Smoke Tube?

    Has anyone tried the Charbroil SS Smoke Tube as a less expensive alternative to other smoke tubes? I love smoked cheese and wanted to try.
  10. sjturbo

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo, Mod Questions!

    Long time since I was last on the forum. That is because I did not get the smoker I was looking for until a week ago. I just finished assembly of  my OJLH Combo and have a few questions about the mods I have read about. I am planning to install LavaLock gasket to the fire chamber and the smoking...
  11. sjturbo

    Chips, Chunks or Pellets?

    New to the forum but I've already seen some great info! I've smoked before on my Little Chief electric but alas it's time to move up! I'm interested in the Master Forge 2 door at Lowes (can't break the budget). One of my questions is what is the best type of wood cut for this type of propande...
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