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  1. rellwood

    Short Ribs

    They came out great.....
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  3. rellwood

    Short Ribs

    Here is my first attempt smoking Short Ribs. 6 hours to go....
  4. Short Ribs

    Short Ribs

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  8. rellwood

    Prime Rib Help

    Thank you for all the input, the prime rib came out great, not much left over. Went on the grill at 11:00 am at 225F, around 2:00pm dropped the temp to 185F (was cooking fast), at 4:00pm turned up the team to 400F for the final half hour to bring the prime rib up to 130F. Then rested the rib for...
  9. Prime Rib Help

    Prime Rib Help

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  17. rellwood

    Prime Rib Help

    Thank you Mowin, just pick up my prime rib and it 15.5 pounds, bones on (the meat is cut and tied to the bones). i'm thinking 4.5 to 5 hours. Looking forward to cooking this.
  18. rellwood

    Prime Rib Help

    Thank you all for your post.  I'm feeling a bit better about the time frame for this. My main concern was just not having it done in time, About two weekends ago I did a brisket and it turned out great but I was having dinner 3 hours after I had plan to. Lets just say the cocktail hour became 4...
  19. rellwood

    Prime Rib Help

    Still new to smoking meat on my Red Tec and wanted some help, ideas or feed back on cooking Prime Rib. So far I have done Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, Smoked twice baked potatoes and Pork Butt. All of them have turned out great. My next smoking adventure is going to be a prime rib, I plan to buy a 12...
  20. rellwood

    Beef Brisket help

    Bmudd thank you for responding, the are around 6 pounds each and I plan to cook 4 of them. If they are not fatty enough I will place strips of bacon over the top. when they get to 175F I will wrap in butcher paper and return to the grill, at that time I may bump the temp up to 250F, my guess is...
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