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  1. farmerchad

    Pasteurization Charts Discrepancy

    Good morning! So lately I have been enjoying the benefits of SV'ing my smoked sausages. I can honestly say that I cant imagine ever going back to not using the SV. I enjoy it so much, I bought a second SV for back up. Normally, I use a standard 32-35 mm hog casing. I have used recipes from...
  2. farmerchad

    YardBird Green Chile Enchiladas..

    So this evenings dinner was a combination of needing to use the number 2 bird out of a two pack, and already having the other ingredients. I parted the chicken out, removing all skin. I wasn't too concerned with the wings, being so tiny. I didn't bother to season the chicken in any way...
  3. farmerchad

    Friday BabyBack Ribs..

    Been a while since I posted. Life just has a way of getting in the way. Moving along, I decided a couples days back that I wanted some Baby Back Ribs. Not sure that I have ever smoked them before. I put them in the smoker around 11 AM. About 265 with Apple Wood. Thought I would try smoking them...
  4. farmerchad

    Wings and Sausage

    Kinda limited on the Q-view, been a busy day here on the "farm". Bought 2 packs of drumettes and a pack of andouille sausage. One pack of wings was rubbed with our usual family recipe rub. The other pack rubbed with brown sugar. Everything went in the smoker at 2 PM.
  5. farmerchad

    Leftover Rib = Faux Pulled Pork

    It all started with some leftover Fathers Day ribs. St Louis to be exact. And I have to say I like my Faux PP, better then the real thing. Or maybe I need to try the real thing more often? I dont know.. The real kicker for me on this was the amount of bark. By using ribs, the surface to mass...
  6. farmerchad

    Smoking Ribs Nekkid - Anyone?

    Knew I would get your attention. So Im thinking on my next ribs, no rub. So no sauce, no rub, no foiling. Anyone else do this? Im curious as to whether or not the rub is blocking smoke penetration. Maybe add some rub towards the end.. perhaps toss them onto a hot grill to get to a point of...
  7. farmerchad

    Fathers Day Whole Chicken - Qview

    Along with breaking in the smoker tomorrow with ribs and wings for dinner, Ill be doing a Whole Chicken, and Andouille  Sausage for lunch. So essentially ill be smoking lunch and dinner meats at the same time, while keeping both threads updated. Keeping things simple, its just a Roaster...
  8. farmerchad

    Fathers Day Ribs - Qview

    Time to put the new smoker to use. 2 racks of St. Louis style ribs, with a good coating of rib rub. Cut in half to accomadate the smoker. I plan to smoke with Hickory at approx. 250F. Also planning to start the ribs around 10 AM Sunday morning to hopefully enjoy around 5-6 PM. Also will be...
  9. farmerchad

    Need to redeem my q...

    Well its been forever since I have posted, and forever since, dare I admit to it, even smoking.   After moving to NC and realizing that this IS BBQ country, its time to get back in the saddle. As an early Fathers day gift, my wife bought me a new Landmann 3495GLA propane smoker. If anyone...
  10. farmerchad

    SpareRibs with qview..

    Got my spareribs going right at 9 this morning. Plan to do the 3-2-1 method. I marinated the ribs overnight in Apple Cider, then let them set and drain at room temperature for about an hour. Then a healthy dose of rib rub... This will be in addition to the brisket that I smoked overnight.. All...
  11. farmerchad

    First packer, with qview..

    Hey guys, Im back, I think the last time I posted was way back around 2009. Life got hairy so I haven't been paying my respects to the smoker. But I will say things are looking up. Last Sunday I smoked a small brisket, really just a point. I think it was maybe 3 pounds. Never had done one and...
  12. farmerchad

    Sausage on the smoke now..

    2 lbs of snack stix, and 3 lbs of polish sausage. Can't wait to taste the fruits! I think the big polish sausage in the pic is around 3 ft long! Made everything last night.. got it on right 3 pm.
  13. farmerchad

    Qview Butt in progess..

    6lb butt, started last night at 8 PM. Pictures taken at 7 AM this morn.
  14. farmerchad

    Cure interchangability?

    Searched thru several pages, and I can't seem to find the answer too 2 questions. 1. In a recipe, is cure interchangable? Let me give an example. I picked up LEM cure from Gander Mtn. I want to use it in a recipe thats calls for Morton TQ. Other then the salt issue, I should just follow the...
  15. farmerchad

    Wednesday Ribs and Chicken

    Wednesday turned out to be quite a productive day on the smoker for me. I learned a few things, tried a new rub, and overall, dried out some fine meat.. oh well. Well, dried out according to me. I prefer a wetter rib, but thats ok. Once you peeled back the crust the meat wasn't bad at all. So...
  16. farmerchad

    Sunday Turkey

    Hey all. New to posting here, thought I would share some qview of last Sundays Feast. I first brined the featherless beast, then smoked it around 6 hours. I think I temp held out around 300 degrees. This was my first Turkey, and first real smoker. Previously, I had been smoking on my propane...
  17. farmerchad

    Royal Oak observations

    Hey all, newbie here. Being that I couldn't find too many threads on the Royal Oak, thought I might start one. This (hopefully) will include my observations and modifications to turn a "ho-hum" electric smoker into a respectable piece of backyard equipment. I plan to update this as often as...
  18. farmerchad

    Howdie from WV

    Thought I should stop in and say hi. Registered last night, been reading this forum for some time now. Im quite the avid cook, indoors and out. The last few monthes I have been smoking stuff on my regular grill to get a feel for it. Last weekend, I bought a Royal Oak electric smoker. Ok smoker...
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