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  1. stephenh

    Thanksgiving Turkey 2011

    This year, I did not go with a heritage bird, but a standard one. However, I at least found one that was not injected with somebody else's idea of what should go in there. Instead I brined it using a recipe from Alton Brown's Good Eats show. This bird started out at just under 19 pounds. I left...
  2. stephenh

    Free-range Turkey with Q-view

    I finally got around to smoking the free-range heritage breed turkey we purchased before Thanksgiving (family situations meant we were away for both Thanksgiving and Christmas). We had purchased it at the local farmer's market. This bird first went into brine for about six hours. For the brine...
  3. stephenh

    First cheddar in MES/Big Kahuna (BK)

    Saturday, the weather finally cooperated, giving us a couple of days where the high was forecast to stay in the 70's (F). Since it had been in the high 90's or 100's, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to finally try smoking some cheese. For this project, I had purchased two 8 oz blocks of...
  4. stephenh

    Italian sausage fatties

    I just finished my very first fatties.  I have pictures here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/97083/hello-from-wake-forest-nc By reading here a bit, I found out about something I never before knew existed.  It was quite good, and we have parts of them in the freezer for future...
  5. stephenh

    On hold for moderator--how long?

    I posted a modification with pictures that I had done to mount a Smoke Daddy "Big Kahuna" smoke generator using the chip loader of my MES 30" electric smokehouse.  When I submitted it, I got a message that the message would be held until a moderator released it.  That was a couple of days ago...
  6. stephenh

    Hello from Wake Forest, NC

    Hello everyone,  I am retired from the US Army and currently a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I have been reading for a few weeks since a friend pointed the forum out to me.  I finally decided it is time to do more than lurk. I am not new to smokers, but the Masterbuilt...
  7. stephenh

    My MES/Big Kahuna modification

    I was not happy with the lack of smoke when I made some jerky.  This is now solved.  I purchased a Smoke Daddy "Big Kahuna" smoke generator and mounted it using the chip loader.  I have another chip loader on order so that I can use that for hot smoking, but my test of the SD smoke generator...
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