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  1. rsnovi

    BBQ restaurant in Orlando

    Hi all, We are staying near Sea World and are looking for some good BBQ for dinner tonight, 6/27. Any recommendations? Thanks. Chris
  2. rsnovi

    Happy July 4 racks of ribs

    Taking these to a fireworks party tonight. The bottom rack are fresh from the butcher and the top is frozen from Meijer. Using a fast eddy rib rub minus the allspice.
  3. rsnovi

    Help, butts done way too early

    Butts are done, but the party starts 11 hours from now. Should I shred and reheat? Let them sit in a cooler for as long as possible, shred, and crock pot it? Any other thoughts? I am baffled on this one. Normal one 8 pound butt takes me about 20 hours to smoke at 225 on my electric smoker...
  4. rsnovi

    Couple of butts

    Putting on two butts tonight to stock the freezer up this winter with some smoked pork. One is bone suckin commercial rub and the other is a new rub I got out of the Webber grilling cookbook. Both are around 8 pounds. Smoking at 225 with hickory.
  5. rsnovi

    Burnt ends? Maybe save for chili.

    I cooked my first brisket earlier this summer. It turned out much better than expected, but I didn't make burnt ends mostly just because it was my first brisket. Instead I sliced and froze the point. Today I made some chili for the UofM and MSU game. Easily the best chili I ever made using...
  6. rsnovi

    Pulled pork enchiladas with tomatillo sauce

    I found a great recipe for enchiladas with green sauce. Maybe the best enchiladas I ever had. I chose to do this because I had some left over pulled pork, the vegetable share gave me some tomatillos, and my neighbor gave me a Serrano. I am glad the stars aligned for me because I really...
  7. rsnovi

    Night setup, need a lamp

    I put a pork butt in last night around 10:30pm. Normally I get everything ready to go during the day and then just put the meat on. Didn't do that this time. I would like to get an outdoor lamp. Pork butt is sitting at 166 degrees as of 8:50 am running at 225 degrees. Sent from my iPhone...
  8. rsnovi

    Preparing for an all night smoke

    It is a great 4th of July night in Michigan and yesterday I found a pretty good deal on a 14 lb packer brisket untrimmed at $3.99 a pound.  This is my first brisket ever so I watched a few youtube videos to learn how to trim it.  I think I might have gotten a little carried away trimming the...
  9. rsnovi

    Pellet source in Michigan (Jackson, Ann Arbor, Novi)

    Hello All, I am looking for some quality pellets available in Michigan. I would like some 100% hickory. I stopped by Leisure Works in Ann Arbor and they had Lumberjacks in about everything, but hickory. They told me they won't be ordering anytime soon because they need to sell the rest of the...
  10. rsnovi

    Why are my chicken legs bloody?

    Hello All, I tried some chicken legs on my PG500 pellet grill for the first time.  I cooked them indirect for about 30 minutes at 300 degrees and then moved them over to the charbroiler.  I check their temp when I moved them over to the charbroil and they were at 135 degrees.  I thought I...
  11. rsnovi

    Pork butt for $1.20 a pound

    2nd time in three weeks that Meijers in Ann Arbor had a few pork butts for around $1.20 a pound.  I picked up an 8 pounder which I will probably freeze.  Two weekends ago I smoked it that next day and it tasted great.  I think the are on sale because they were getting close to their freeze by...
  12. rsnovi

    Replace Weber gas grill with Cookshack PG500

    After getting into smoking more with my Cookshack 025 I am really starting to notice that my gas grill really isn't providing a great grill taste.  I think it is pretty good for burgers and steaks, but after doing some chicken on it I really started thinking that it doesn't have much flavor.  I...
  13. rsnovi

    New smoker table

    With the smoker being so low to the ground, I got an early Christmas present today. I got it put together an bolted the smoker down. It has plenty of room in the front so juices won't leak in the deck. Also a nice work surface to the side of the smoker. It is a little tall, but the smoker is...
  14. rsnovi

    Pork butt or shoulder

    I saw this at the grocery store today. I haven't seen a piece of meat labeled as both a butt and shoulder before. Please help me understand what it is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. rsnovi

    Electric Smoker - Different meats challenge

    A few times I have thought about throwing in some ribs with another piece of meat that takes considerably longer to smoke.  I am using an electric smoker which has been turning out great food using just one meat, but it appears that most of the smoke is early on in the cook.  How would you...
  16. rsnovi

    8lb turkey breast ready to go

    Planning a 300 degree smoke with peach wood. I bribed it Tuesday night, dried Wednesday night, and rubbed today. It should take around 3 - 3.5 hours. Although the the smoker has to overcome the 32 degree weather. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. rsnovi

    Turkey test run

    Hello, I am going to smoke my first turkey tomorrow in preparation for Thanksgiving. Any recommendation on a rub that isn't full of chili powder or cumin? Maybe something a little more traditional for thanksgiving. I have a 6 pound bone in turkey breast that came in a 15% solution. Thanks.
  18. rsnovi

    Unable to post pictures

    Hello, A previous post convinced me to stop using tapatalk for the site and use the mobile website. I really wish tapatalk was better supported though. I am not able to post pictures using an iPhone with Safari and the mobile site. I can select a picture and tell it to upload, but then...
  19. rsnovi

    Smoking wet/damp meat

    I did some searching and only found threads about bacon.  I have been thinking about doing some bacon and it is clear that the meat needs to be dry to not get a foul creosote taste. I don't see anything mentioned about wet/damp meat when smoking other meats like ribs or pork butts.  What makes...
  20. rsnovi

    baby backs on the menu today

    Getting some bb ribs ready to go. I had some good luck with an apple hickory mix last time. Anyone try peach wood before? My dad brought over some chunks earlier this year because his tree died.
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