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  1. jsdspif

    what's people buying for an electric/disappointed with masterbuilt

    I ended up repairing my old one. I didn't know there is now an access panel on the back to get to the heating element wiring. My original that I repaired didn't have one so you had to drill out about half the rivets and bend the back panel up or just remove all the rivets . I got the access...
  2. jsdspif

    what's people buying for an electric/disappointed with masterbuilt

    the smokin it's just seem to steep and too much for what I'm doing. I'm just cooking for myself,my couple friends think I use a diarhea inducing rub/marinade because when they eat it they have to go to the bathroom. I have that problem too. I just think it's our age (let's just say 55 ) and...
  3. jsdspif

    what's people buying for an electric/disappointed with masterbuilt

    yeah.I already have the label to return the damaged unit. One bit of a problem at this point I'm having back/hip problems (that are all my own fault,afraid to go in public and just going from chair to recliner to chair etc.) anyway,returning the damaged and I don't want it anyway. The rack...
  4. jsdspif

    what's people buying for an electric/disappointed with masterbuilt

    I think I may just go with a char broil. There's a couple of them nearby. it's cheaply built to. I saw a MES pro signature model and it looks built the same as the new one I just got but it has blue tooth and a glass door,neither which do anything for me.
  5. jsdspif

    what's people buying for an electric/disappointed with masterbuilt

    I just got my new masterbuilt digital 30" delivered. I think it's the 130B ? Replaces my old 30" MES that just died after 5 years or so. I figure it's probably the terminals disintegrated ,it doesn't heat. It acts as though it should be heating but it doesn't. Anyway just got the new one...
  6. jsdspif

    masterbuilt smoker wont stay on---help!

    Just clicked on this because I have a digital MES so I'm always curious about posts with problems . I haven't heard of this problem before , as far as the ch31 and then the 4 zeroes . Def. sounds like some sort of error code . When you get it figured out please post it . Curious to find what it is .
  7. jsdspif

    getting a new 30" MES

    I just checked my old posts . On 11/17/07 I posted about making the repair on my unit ( which I repaired a short time before that post ) . So I'm going with 8 years for the length of time I have owned the unit and it could be the issue of failing to heat the other night was just a "fluke" ...
  8. jsdspif

    getting a new 30" MES

    my old one is just getting so "grungy" looking . I usually use it about once a week and sometimes more than that . I don't even remember when I got it but I was thinking 7 years ago . I don't use the chip pan but when I pulled that out the other night to check the heating element it pretty much...
  9. jsdspif

    getting a new 30" MES

    I'm replacing my old 30" MES with a new one that I believe is pretty much like my old one . Digital control on top at the back of the smoker . This is the unit that the terminals disintegrated after using it for a month or so so I put the appliance terminals on the wires and all's been well for...
  10. jsdspif

    MES 30 contact repair with R-view

    I had to do that to mine when it was about 2 weeks old. I believe at my local hardware they were called appliance terminals . They were stainless steel meant for high heat applications , like an oven . No reason why soldering them won't work . My repair was done years ago and a lot of smokes...
  11. jsdspif

    Hello from Ypsilanti, Michigan

    Hey , I used to spend a week in Deerfield just about every summer at my cousins . I got my smoker at the cabellas in dundee . Welcome to the forum.
  12. jsdspif

    Ground Meat Jerky Question

    I bought some amazen smoker mats or whatever they're called and they work great for gound meat snack sticks . They clean up really easy also . I wouldn't think it would work very good on parchment paper . I've seen some aluminum mesh type things , I think they're called grill toppers ??? they're...
  13. jsdspif

    First Smoke in 30' MES,

    Ive never noticed meat drying out with vent wide open . One thing I started doing a while back was not starting the smoke immediately after placing the meat in the smoker . I wait maybe an hour or 45 minutes then start the smoke . I started doing it that way because I read somewhere if the...
  14. jsdspif

    First Smoke in 30' MES,

    I doubt if it was too much smoke . I use alot of smoke in mine and the only thing I've made with too much smoke was jerky . I'd just open the vent all the way and leave it alone . When I first got mine I'd use different vent settings but then I just left it wide open . It sounds to me more like...
  15. jsdspif

    MES 30" and Cold Smoker Attachment- 1st newbie smoke of a 6lb chicken, some thoughts...

    I've got the same setup . I leave my vent wide open all the time , I doubt now I could even rotate it to close it . the only thing I clean are the racks and occasionally the bottom pan . I do understand if you brush something against the "ceiling " of the smoker you get the crap falling off it ...
  16. jsdspif

    Cleaning the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker??

    I don't really clean mine . I've been using it about 2 years or so . I really like it . I usually use the western brand wood chips . If I load it pretty full I do have to kind of "tamp" the chips down from the top after an hour and a half or so ( most of the time sometimes it continues smoking...
  17. jsdspif

    Electric Smoker Newbie Needs Butt Help

    I like doing them . I usually just put some rub on , stick the temp probe in it and let it go . I gues I run my MES at 235 also . I just usually use whatever wood chips are open . Cherry / hickory , apple / mesquite ( I usally have 2 bags open) . I think for me the strangest thing is length of...
  18. jsdspif

    Water Pan Question

    I think others will chime in , but I Think the popular concensus is it doesn't really add moisture , it's more of a heat sink for a more stabilized temperature . So many people use sand in theirs . I very seldom add liquid to my pan , I just put some foil in it so I don't have to wash it . For a...
  19. jsdspif

    MES 30 VS ......

    the smoke hollow reminds me of a propane one I had before I got my MES 30 . It looks as though the SH you have to open the door to add wood chips ?? That's how my old one was and the chip pan was a very small square . It only produced smoke for about 10 minutes or so . I ended up putting a cast...
  20. jsdspif

    Newbie Needs Help

    I have the cold smoker attatchment for my MES 30 . I experimented with it to see if it raised the internal temp of the smoker and it really didn't . With the cold smoker I put chips in it , turn the cold smoker on and in about 4 minutes start watching for smoke to come out of the exhaust on the...
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