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  1. chef willie

    Various Grub of Chef Willies at the VFW

    thanks.....not on all time now so decided on a collage assortment of meats!! you do that Case....anytime....drop a ling off <grin> I've been told that there's a weight gain happening...could be the beers though thanks....I like them plump thanks....German style sausage always a hit here...
  2. chef willie

    Various Grub of Chef Willies at the VFW

    Hey everybody...still alive and kicking up here in the PNW & still the head kitchen grunt at our local VFW Post 584. Still having fun (?) but more like work now and actually more like running a small restaurant. However, be that as it may, I've cranked up the food quality and am breaking in the...
  3. brot2.jpg


  4. sausage1.jpg


  5. ribs2.jpg


  6. hocks3.jpg


  7. fried chick1 5-29-17.jpg

    fried chick1 5-29-17.jpg

  8. chili (2).jpg

    chili (2).jpg

  9. butts2.jpg


  10. beans1.jpg


  11. chicken3 5-21-17.jpg

    chicken3 5-21-17.jpg

  12. smoker3.jpg


  13. smoker2.jpg


  14. chef willie

    Chicken Sausage Weekend: Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Cheese and Parsley, Buffalo Chicken, Pop's Brea

    thanks so much for the mention....glad I was able to help out answering some questions you had on my original post. Your efforts look delicious and thanks so much for sharing that last recipe, your favorite. I myself sometimes have a hard time sharing recipes with up & coming new cooks as they...
  15. chef willie

    Hickory Smoked Cheddar Kielbasa with pictures

    wow....awesome looking plump sausages, thanks for the mention. The texture looks almost emulsified but full of juice in that one pic.....well done....Willie
  16. chef willie

    Garlic and pepper snack sticks

    hardly on here anymore but I noticed your request. I have & have not used the ECA...dealers choice IMO. I've gone from a timed smoke to an overnight in the smoker with my sticks (regardless of which flavor or meat) and have never looked back as they say. Using the best quality ground beef also...
  17. chef willie

    Bratwurst Dinner Feed at the Vets Club

    Thanks....after 2 months of badgering by the barmaid I caved and decided to take over the kitchen duties with aspirations of increasing the turnouts for chow. so far so good & I don't miss my corporate cooking gig. As the weather cools here and Summer ends my plan is to start smoking up some...
  18. chef willie

    Bratwurst Dinner Feed at the Vets Club

    sure....c'mon in!! we're right off I-5 about 90 miles S of Portland....we love company <grin> thanks....was quite good....running off the rest split & grilled for a b'fast special now's the right time...LOL....glad I could 'inspire' Thanks Al.....enjoying myself imagine that....but they love...
  19. chef willie

    Bratwurst Dinner Feed at the Vets Club

    I'm now cooking at the local VFW Post 584 here in Albany, Oregon after being at my other corporate cooking gig for 10 years. So, more creative control for me and less corporate BS to deal with. Win-Win?? One can only hope...LOL. So, Friday night dinners and Sunday morning breakfasts is what I...
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