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  1. sirsquatch

    Prime Brisket for Sunday

    This is my second brisket, and first Prime I've ever done, started out at 14.77lbs, I didn't weigh it after trimming but I'd guess it is around 12lbs now. Plan is 250-275 range all night and hoping to eat around 3pm tomorrow, using a combo of Oak and Hickory. I am still undecided on wrapping, I...
  2. sirsquatch

    Brisket Chili

    This was my first shot at using a brisket for chili. I had a ~4lb piece of point that I had no plans for, so I threw it on the Egg with hickory and apple. It stayed in the 240-260 range. Simple light salt and pepper seasoning I threw a couple heads of garlic on as well to smoke Took...
  3. sirsquatch

    Beef "Baby Back" Rib smoke

    This is the first time I've ever done Beef Ribs, but I got these three racks from my Meat CSA so I wanted to give them a try. They are labeled as "Baby Back" which I assume are just Beef Back ribs from searching on here. They seem to have an okay amount of meat on them, not as much as plate ribs...
  4. sirsquatch

    First Whole Packer Brisket

    This is my first try at a full packer brisket. This was for for New Year Day lunch/football, I needed it at least in the cooler by 12:30 to make it to the family. I have had a hard time finding anything but choice brisket from Walmart in this area that aren't super expensive (my meat CSA...
  5. sirsquatch

    First Try at Cold Smoking Bacon

    This is my first time making bacon this way in my Big Green Egg, so if it goes horribly wrong, well then it is what it is. I got a good looking 11.5# pork belly from Costco and split it in two for easier handling. Using the Cure calculator I figured out the amount of Cure #1, salt and sugar to...
  6. sirsquatch

    Quick Hot Smoked Salmon

    Had dinner plans fall through so I picked up a piece of salmon from Costco on my way home from work. Just used salt, pepper and some herb de provence are seasoning. Used just two pieces of cherry wood for some smoke. Went ~2 hours at 225.  Seasoned and resting On the smoker (sorry, it was...
  7. sirsquatch

    Delayed finish baby back ribs

    Yesterday was my dads birthday so I wanted to make him some ribs for the big day. It was an interesting test for me since we spend Sundays at his place for a day of football but our game was at 9:30am and the plan was for a family breakfast. These ribs were for a late lunch/supper but it means I...
  8. sirsquatch

    First shot at pulled pork

    Tried my hand at pulled pork over the weekend. Used Costco boneless pork butts, ended up about 14lbs total. I went pretty simple with my rub, used homemade mustard as a binder, salt and pepper. I put in a water pan with 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar as I was going to be cooking this...
  9. sirsquatch

    Hello from the DC Metro Area!

    Hello all! Smoking on a Large Big Green Egg. Been at it for a few months now, had only cold smoked using an A-Maze-N pellet smoker on a gas grill. Now that it's cooling down here in the Mid-Atlantic I'm hoping to run it on my BGE for bacon, salt, cheese, butter etc etc. Working on learning hot...
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