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  1. Winterrider

    Smoker build

    https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/search/2767447/?q=Offset+builds&t=post&o=relevance Maybe something in here to help or @daveomak may chime in. He is the professor of builds. Welcome to the forum from ND
  2. Fueling Around

    First Smoker Build! 24" Pipe Plans Feedback

    Welcome to the forum. I have not a clue on offset builds. I'll tag @daveomak and hopefully he will respond tomorrow
  3. macdoesit

    Pictures of inside a offet

    Bottom of my offset smoker is 20" below the bottom shelf, with a drain below smoke stack which drains into a 5 gallon bucket. Below the doors is a trough that catches condensation from inside of doors and drains to the rear. I don't use any water, etc inside the smoker, a lot of condensation...
  4. SmokinAl

    Pictures of inside a offet

    Great looking smoker, but I think you need a weed wacker. The smoker looks like a part of the landscape. I would love to have it in my backyard though! Al
  5. B

    Smoker Build - Novice seeking advice from this awesome community!

    Hey Folks, First off, this community is fantastic. I love bbq (WSM owner), and have been wanting to take it to the next level with an offset, so seeing everyone's builds and feedback has been very eye opening. I am an engineer, but have 0 welding experience, so I am excited to learn along the...
  6. D

    KAT Smokers

    I have been using a KAT reverse flow offset for almost two years now. This is my first offset - so my opinions may be slanted a bit. But I also use a yoder ys640 regularly, owned a GMG for a few years. WSM and various cheaper smokers of various kinds. People in general consider my cooking to be...
  7. sawhorseray

    Firebox Intake?

    ...below the FB grate. You can also see in the picture three vents on the cook chamber, there's another three on the other side, I've never done a cook with any of them open, here's a better pic showing a couple I'll PM Dave to see if he's around, when it comes to offset builds he's the best. RAY
  8. Dieseltech86

    Firebox Intake?

    Thank you for the insight!
  9. Smokin Okie

    Old Country Gravity Feed

    Wood smoke flavor. There's something about gravity feeds that produce a clean smoke. And its a mystery to me as to why. I bought a MB 560 in January and was really surprised at how clean the smoke looked, its cleaner than my WSM that I've used for 19 years now. To my thinking...
  10. R

    DIY Pellet Smoker Conversion

    As MasterCaster has stated, SmokeDaddy’s Pellet Pro Pellet Hopper conversion is a great option for you to check out... Is it worth the hassle? That’s completely up to you... They are a family owned company and they stand behind everything they sell. I converted my PB Austin XL into a Pellet...
  11. forktender

    Offset Smoker recommendations in California

    Kat builds one hell of a reverse flow offset smoker. I've had the pleasure to smoke 30 racks of ribs, and a whole hog on one, not at the same time over a weekend. They are built like a tank and Kat stands behind each smoker, if I had the space I'd buy one in a heart beat. Where bouts in Norcal...
  12. sawhorseray

    RF build progress

    ...heat, our problems go the other way in summertime. In case he doesn't see this in time before it disappears off the big board you might want to PM @daveomak.fs with the questions about your offset build, he's a great guy and pretty much the consumate authority on all aspects of offset builds. RAY
  13. daveomak

    250 gal propane tank offset smoker build

    Those plates are for an Offset smoker.... A Reverse Flow uses a solid plate... The plate spacing, on an Offset, is to adjust the heat to the food grate... The gaps allow heat to rise to the food..
  14. civilsmoker

    Rookie Smoker. Just started Building Smoker with 500 gallon tank. Need Input from all the experts out there

    https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/reverse-flow-smoker-how-to-calculate-build-tutorial.268692/ I would suggest you study this. And then spend some time reading the many many builds in the reverse flow and offset sections......you have to be the one to decide on a RF or and Offset as it...
  15. J

    RF build progress

    thanks for the kind words, I will definitely seek Dave's input. here are the last two builds I did. Both customer bikes, the red white and blue one he wanted to pay tribute to the Honda 350X ATC's of the 80's.
  16. R

    Pellet Pro hopper Offset Build

    So...........today I started my first build! I've been planing a build for a while now, or at least contemplating all the various builds that can be found on here. This weekend I found an older Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Hopper (non-PID controller) and couldn't pass on the deal. I've had an old New...
  17. T

    Hello! New to smoking but eager to learn. NEED HELP WITH BAYOU CLASSIC OFFSET!

    Hello, I'm Tom, from Denver and brand new to smoking. I just bought this puppy a couple of weeks ago on Craigslist but it's kicking my ass! Main problem: I cannot get my temps to a good smoking temp (usually peaks around 200 before falling). I've been at it for three days trying different fire...
  18. D

    DIY smoker build

    Thank you so much! I’ll keep you posted.
  19. civilsmoker

    DIY smoker build

    There have been a few builds with something similar but you will have to hunt for them in the reverse flow or offset builds.....as I said, If done properly it will work. However, I would strongly recommend that you don’t use a smaller fire box volume, even with a fan. Burning a wood fire...
  20. kevin james

    Offset Smoker dilemma 48x20, or 48x24?

    I've been researching offset smokers over the last couple months, and while I was about to settle for an Oklahoma Joe Highland, or an Old Country Pecos due to some issues with my yard, I knew I would never be happy with either for very long and I finally talked myself into just going for what I...
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