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  1. billiam

    Yoder, horizon or other?

    Probably too late for the OP but here area couple of links to a guy who has reviewed both Yoder and Horizon:
  2. billiam

    Yoder Smoker question

    When I ordered the Frontiersman, I was asked if I wanted the stack mounted high or lower. When I asked what the difference is I was told that they can mount the stack lower for hot & fast cooking but also that they (Yoder) do not recommend it. Apparently the firebox and stack locations are...
  3. billiam

    Yoder Smoker question

    I tend to over buy as well.  I do not think you should worry too much over wasted space or fuel and go for a larger smoker if your budget permits.  I might even suggest the Kingman,  It is easy to produce a small cook on a large cooker but more difficult to pull off the reverse.  From...
  4. billiam

    Horizon Smokers Customer Service...

    ​I've had a tough time getting a hold of them as well and it seems to be typical.  I'm in the immediate market for a backyard smoker and wanted to try Horizon as I'm also looking at a trailer model down the road and like their offerings.  Had no joy with both e-mail and telephone and was about...
  5. billiam

    Texas Original Pits or Horizon?

    Thanks for the information Chuck.  Sorry to hear about your trials with the shipper(s).  I did finally get ahold of someone at Horizon.  I feel a little bad as I'd already started the process of getting a quote for a custom build over at brand Y but wanted to try Horizon as I understand that...
  6. billiam

    Texas Original Pits or Horizon?

    Having had your Horizon for awhile, I wonder if you can give an update of your impression?  I'm looking at Horizon's 30" Marshal but can't find much in the form of recent reviews of the company or their products.  So far they've been unresponsive to both e-mail and telephone requests so I'd like...
  7. billiam

    Value of an Insulated Firebox

    I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn't find a thread that addressed it.  I am considering the purchase of a Yoder Frontiersman and among the options is an insulated firebox.  The advantages of efficiency and reduced fuel consumption I think are pretty obvious but I wonder...
  8. billiam

    Greetings from a NUG in Colorado

    New useless guy checking in from southwest Colorado. I've been lurking around here for a while and thanks to all who run the site and contribute as there's a whole lot that can be learned.  I grill quite a bit (at least 3 times per week year 'round in sunshine, rain, sleet, snow and dark of...
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