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  1. smoked alaskan

    Will summer sausage be ok to mail ?

    Hey Y'all, I just completed my first batch of SS from start to finish. I think it came out very well and want to send some to friends and family but wondering if, even as it's cured ( #1) will it be ok un-fridged for 3-5 days in the mail ? Vac packed of course. Couldn't leave y'all hangin'...
  2. smoked alaskan

    Wedding Feast Smoked Salmon

    Just in time for my wedding this coming weekend my brother sent me a 80 lb. box of fresh caught Kenai River Reds ! I've been away from Alaska for 4 years, this is the first Red Salmon I've had since I left and wanted to share some with our wedding guests. Started with five fillets Made a...
  3. smoked alaskan

    Wedding Feast Cheese Smoke

    Hey Y'all     A couple nights ago we had some unseasonably cool weather here in S. E. Missouri so I took advantage of the cold to slip in another cheese smoke before our summer heat is full upon us. Wanted a good variety to serve as appetizers at our upcoming wedding. Selected a block each of...
  4. smoked alaskan

    BBQ a cow, or three

    Looks like there's gonna be a charcoal sale at my local Lowes ! Makes me want to throw a cow or three along with maybe a couple pigs and a moose on top and light it off !
  5. smoked alaskan

    Wedding Feast Babybacks - with Q View and the Money Shot

    It's so much funner catering your own wedding than hiring someone else to do it ! Yesterday I rubbed down two fine racks of Babybacks with a generous dose of Bone Suckin' Sauce Rub for today's smoke Got em in the smoker nice and early ( 6:30 a.m. ) as I had to work at 2 today. Used cherry...
  6. smoked alaskan

    Wedding feast pork loin

    Can't think of a better reason to fire up my smoker than catering my own wedding.  It started this last weekend when I went lookin' at babyback ribs but found some real nice pork loin on sale fore $1.79/lb.  Bought a nice 10# slab, cut it into 4 chunks. 2 for Teriyaki and 2 for BBQ flavor.  Made...
  7. smoked alaskan

    pork loin question - need some advise please

    Hey Everyone, I'm doing a smoke today on 10 lbs of pork loin to be served at my wedding in July. I'm going to vac seal it and freeze it until wedding time.  Trying to get all my major smoking done early to ease the burden of crap to do as the wedding gets close. Going to do the same with baby...
  8. smoked alaskan

    Steak n shrimp n shrooms n cold smoked taters - NIRVANA !

    Hay Y'all There's a little back story to this post....  A few weeks back I was smoking some cheese and butter and got wondering how a cold smoked tater would be for steak night. Steak night finally arrived. I buttered and salted the spuds, put 'em in the oven to bake while I q'd up the...
  9. smoked alaskan

    Spud-butt cheese...the Adventure begins

    Greetings and Salivations All, It's taken a while to get this smoke off the ground but it's goin' now. I speculated and asked for feedback if anyone else had cold smoked raw potatoes.  Had some input from some who had baked a tater then smoked it but no one replied who had tried the cold on a...
  10. smoked alaskan

    Cold smoked taters - anyone tried this

    Hey Y'all, Always trying to think outside the box I had an idea to cold smoke some taters for a couple hours before baking them.  Anyone out there tried this? Any thoughts or inputs ?  I tried the search engine but only saw hot smoke posts.  
  11. smoked alaskan

    For the love of cheese

    Hey All, I noticed I was getting scary low on smoked cheese so I fired up my Amazen pellet smoker to bring order back to my universe. 2 lbs extra sharp orange cheddar, 1 1/2 lbs pepper jack & 2 lbs extra sharp white cheddar & stick of butter for my neighbor. Smoked about 5 hours using blended...
  12. smoked alaskan

    If God ate burgers ..

    Q'd up a few burgers last night. Bacon, mushroom, Swiss, smoked cheddar, smoked pepper jack served on a bun toasted with smoked butter. Side dish of home fried O rings. Sorry, only pic I had time to get, the wolves were hungry
  13. smoked alaskan

    Superbowl Grub - Panther Ribs-n- Spicy Beans

    Hey Y'all ! We hosted a Superbowl Party and as my Lady and I are some of the World's Biggest Bronco's Fans I felt compelled to smoke up a batch of Panther Ribs, some Panther Weinies and some beans to feed the masses. I rubbed the ribs the night before with a rub I concocted blending what I...
  14. smoked alaskan

    Cheese and chops - a very cold smoke :)

    Hey Everyone, Hope y'all had awesome Christmas and New Years !  My hunny was a great Santa, got me an Amazn pellet smoker which I broke in today with a couple pounds of extra sharp cheddar and a pound of Swiss.  First attempt at cold smoke and cheese. I know ya can't get above 90* F but had no...
  15. smoked alaskan

    Tonight's menu- too much bacon? w/ Q View

    Tonight's menu... Pepper stuffed bacon wrapped Margarita shrimp on the bbq Cherry smoked applewood/bacon marinated pork tenderloin Cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno and Anaheim peppers Smoked salmon cream cheese  stuffed     "        "         "             "    - also bacon...
  16. smoked alaskan

    101 uses for a dead cow w/Q view

    I posted a thread a couple days ago of a roast I smoked for use in a chili cookoff.  Couldn't resist slicing some off for french dip sammies.  Chili picks and original roast smoke pics on other threads.  Special thanks to Bearcarver and his " Step By Step" instructions for the roast smokin'...
  17. smoked alaskan

    Chili cookoff fundraiser - Q view

    A chili cookoff fundraiser was announced at my work to upgrade our breakroom. I couldn't resist. My girlfriend's amazing chili combined with my smoker skills ( most everything I know picked up from this site TYVM ! ), how could i not contribute?  Started with a 3 lb beef roast GF picked up...
  18. smoked alaskan

    Beef prep for smokin' chili challange w/ Q view

    My work is holding a chili cook-off to raise funds for employee fun days. The gauntlet was throwed, challenge accepted My Lady, the ever beautiful and sexy Hot Kelly had recently picked up a nice 3 lb bottom round and as I had no other immediate plan for it decided to use it for part of the...
  19. smoked alaskan

    Another fine Butt you've got me into, thanks Bear !

    Big thanks for the schoolin' Bear.      Following your steps (mostly) on a pork butt today. Initial smoking goin' on at 225* using apple wood and Sunny D in my water pan. Rubbed my butt last night. A tad over 4 1/2 lber                      Into the smoker at 7 a.m., 3 1/2 hrs later hit 134*...
  20. smoked alaskan

    Smoking gun

    And here it is. All evidence points to a great 'Q !
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