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  1. betaboy


    Looks awesome Al! Very nice color on that cheese! When I seen you lighting the pellets I was a little shocked. I have snow welded in my brain already so not seeing it made me do a double take. Haha. Nice smoke!!
  2. betaboy

    The site

    I would clear all your browsing cache/cookies. (Have your logins and passwords handy because you will have to enter them in again if you rely on your browser remembering them for you) I'm not sure what operating system or web browser you use, but if you install CCleaner (it's free, and I use it...
  3. betaboy

    So Many Posts

    No kidding! I've been so busy lately I haven't been on SMF for what feels like forever. Now with Thanksgiving coming up I am so far behind it would be impossible to get caught up with everyone's goodness! Good stuff everyone, and happy Thanksgiving!
  4. betaboy

    Smoked Prime Rib (Apple Smoke)

  5. betaboy

    Tacos complete

    Dang Chili! That looks wonderful!
  6. betaboy

    BLUE Smoke

    I would say yes. My offset takes a good 45 minutes to an hour (longer with wood to get a good bed of coal) after lighting charcoal to get the cooker up to temp. By the time the cooker is to temp the chimney is pretty clean. When adding wood you will get some thicker smoke, but if you are heating...
  7. betaboy

    Happy Veterans Day

    My salute to the Vets out there! Thanks for all you do, have done, and those who have given all.
  8. betaboy

    22lb chuck roll smoke

    Wow, look at that!! Sounds like you have a winner! And yes, that 'spatula' is more like a slotted shovel! Points!
  9. betaboy

    Here's a fun one from the 80s

    Nice! All that math made you hungry I guess! Can't wait to see how it turns out in the future!
  10. betaboy

    Tacos complete

    Yum, yum, and points!!! Those look fantastic!!!
  11. betaboy

    Pork butts and pit beans

    You've been a busy guy lately CB!! Looks wonderful, that bark is awesome and I bet those beans are fantastic! You don't see people soaking beans very much these days. It's usually fresh out the dang can! What a neighbor!!  
  12. betaboy

    Debunking Beer Can Chicken

    Google says Bisphenol A. It's like an epoxy resin/plastic and is everywhere. The FDA says "BPA is safe at the current levels occurring in foods" but I wouldn't be boiling anything with it I guess.
  13. betaboy

    Chile's Braised Squirrel

    Nice Chile!
  14. betaboy

    Hot Roast Beef & Gravy Sammy (Chucky)

    Looks great Bear! Ironically, the wife just picked up a chuck roast for the slow cooker for some easy meals during deer hunting this weekend. I'm pretty sure at least one of the meals will end up this way! Nice post and love the Qview!
  15. betaboy

    22lb chuck roll smoke

    That is one heck of a chunk of meat! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Looks great so far!
  16. betaboy

    Debunking Beer Can Chicken

    Well, my wife wouldn't let me make a BCC even if I wanted to. Boiling beer in a can lined with BPA...
  17. betaboy

    13lbs of Beef Tenderloin

    I can understand kicking yourself, (been there many of times) but I must say it still looks mighty fine to me!
  18. betaboy

    Chile's Braised Squirrel

    I've done that a few times in the past too. Not my style anymore either, more fun to watch them from the window.
  19. betaboy

    Well, I'm going pro

    Heck yeah! Way to go! Not an easy task and to have it so successful as well is just awesome!
  20. betaboy

    Chile's Braised Squirrel

    In the summer and early fall all I ever see are the little reds too but as soon as the cold snaps and/or get a little snow on the ground the monster reds come out, a lot of times to scavenge under the bird feeders. Then along comes a chipmunk sized one and chases it away, makes me laugh every...
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