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  1. FFchampMT

    Charcoal Smokers and Wood Chunk Amounts, Does It Really Make Sense?

    This thought string has plagued me for a few years, so maybe some more experienced pit masters can lend a hand. Why is the general consensus to only put 4 or 5 chunks (tennis ball size) of flavor wood in your coals for long burns when cooking with charcoal? Stick burners run all wood, all the...
  2. FFchampMT

    Owen's BBQ Snack Sticks w/ Pics!

    Received my Owen's BBQ Seasonings just in time for a weekend snack stick cook (and a summer sausage for good measure). Owen's Seasonings - using Chipotle Wildfire, Teriyaki, and Pepperoni today. 15 lbs of mince composed of: 10 lbs - 80/20 ground chuck from Sam's Club 3 lbs - Pork Butt 2 lbs -...
  3. FFchampMT

    How's Everyone Braving the Arctic Blast?

    Hasn't been above 0 degrees f for nearly a week here. Overnight lows have been in the -20 range. Had some cheeses I was going to cold smoke this weekend but I don't thing frozen smoking is a thing. Luckily I picked up a sous vide on black Friday, so I'll be doing some steaks for valentine's day...
  4. FFchampMT

    Beef Short Ribs S.V. 48 hrs

    The January rush to clear the freezer before the next beef comes in, lead me to a 3lb package of some short ribs. Instead of smoking I decided to try my new Anova 1000w stick instead. Their final destiny was to be made in to tacos, so I was going for a pulled beef texture. Decided on 175 for...
  5. FFchampMT

    Using Frozen Ground Beef in Summer Sausage?

    Doing a deep dig in our freezer revealed about a 20lb stash of extra hamburger from our farm beef from last year. With another 1/4 beef on the way in February I'm looking for ways to use some of this up. What about summer sausage? It's about 90/10 burger and 2x course ground. I'd like to mix...
  6. FFchampMT

    Input Needed. Cured Turkey and a 22" WSM.

    My dad has requested a smoked turkey this year. He fondly remembers a supply company giving his company a smoked bird every year that he says "tasted like ham". This leads me to believe it's a cured smoked bird. I've got a plan to do a 5 day eq brine with the cure and inject the turkey @ 10%...
  7. FFchampMT

    Zero Charcoal Experience - First Pork Butt and Brisket

    I've been smoking on a hand me down GMG Daniel Boone for about 3 years now. Even though the results were good, I've always felt like the food I was putting out could be better. All summer I've been researching, making notes, comparing prices, and trying to decide between a stick burner or a 40"...
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