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  1. ecducit

    Drybag Steak Contest - 5 Drybag Steak Starter Kits to be Given Away!

    I don't know who's judging but there's allot of cooking left to do to try all this.  I'm taking notes to try whatever I see here because...I LUHUHUve a good steak!  For that matter, BEEF.  I've gotten to a point where - if I'm down to my last slices of smoked brisket from the freezer, I wig out...
  2. ecducit

    Drybag Steak Contest - 5 Drybag Steak Starter Kits to be Given Away!

    Pardon the double post.  Website went crazy on me.     wifor an hour or so.th s   ome         
  3. ecducit

    Taylor programmable Probe with remote powering off too early

    That's the one feature of my Taylor that aggrevates me.  I gave up using the pager with it because, during a smoke, it's always giving the alarm that the thermometer is shutting down.  What's more, I go to find it shut off so I power it up again to then go through setting up my target...
  4. ecducit

    So where do you hang your Thermometer?

    I have a Taylor and it's instructions says to not stick to surfaces expected to exceed 212# - obviously for the sake of the plastic housing. However, there's another aspect that's a little technical.  I use a digital thermometer as a tool for work.  A digital meter's temperature reading as an...
  5. ecducit

    Your thoughts on two questions

    Well you know more than I do.  Read that and ran straight to the fridge and read the package.  Yes...with a list of things including something ending in nitrates.  I guess I need to do more reading on here to understand the various stages/methods of meat curing and preservation.  I'd gone...
  6. ecducit

    Your thoughts on two questions

    First question: How long can cooked bacon set out at room temperature? - I regularly repair equipment in a popular fast food chain.  They have strict food safety practices.  Yet, they'll have a rack of precooked bacon setting out that's not kept at any certain temperature as their other...
  7. ecducit

    I need to build a steam table

    I occasionally work on restaurant gas steam tables but it's been awhile, since not many restaurants use gas heated steam wells (most are electric). The burners on those restaurant units aren't much more than a pilot sized burner per pan to keep the water hot.  Of course, there's no issues with...
  8. ecducit

    FINISHING SAUCE (for Pulled Pork)

    WOW! a thread nearly 4 years old on a recipe I needed two month's ago.  I shoulda looked here first, but googled for a recipe instead.  I wasn't familiar with the term "finishing sauce."  Reminiscent   my years living in N. Carolina twenty years ago, I recently hunted recipes for that "vinegary...
  9. ecducit


    Actually, I've smoked chicken many years without brining and only found out about it watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  I discovered this forum shortly after that.  The process seems popular here since everyone here seems to enjoy secretive preparation in persuit of perfection. I've always...
  10. ecducit

    And they call this Barbequed Ribs...rediculous!

    Mythmaster - Just read your recipe and got hungry.  Pork chops w/gravy definitely gets my attention.  Crock pot usage for ribs though has it's place.  While the ribs are smoking, the "pot" should have some navy beans or black-eyed peas slow cooking and ready to go... Quote:
  11. ecducit

    The Ron Man has left us

    I'm relatively new to this forum, or any type of internet forum for that matter.  I caught the news of RonP while researching in another thread.  My sincerest condolences to his wife Carol, their family and friends. Although I did not know RonP, I read  through his posts to get some idea of who...
  12. ecducit

    And they call this Barbequed Ribs...rediculous!

    That Foodnet reciped should be called "Braised Spareribs in BBQ Sauce" for what it is.  I've always grilled or smoked ribs since that's what I learned from my dad.  I've eaten ribs from a slow cooker cooked by others... and they were tasty, but not a fan of fall-of-the bone ribs.
  13. ecducit

    pulled pork noob

    Hey Duggy, I just did four 10# Boston Butts this weekend for a "benefit" function involving an unknown number of guests.  How the roasts held their temps when wrapped in towels and inside a cooler might've been aided by having four of them keeping each other cozy in there.  I kept a thermometer...
  14. ecducit

    10 Pork Shoulders for a party this weekend

    Cook time?  If you maintain your 225 degrees cooking temp, then cook time wouldn't signifantly affected. Fuel usage?  Using the logic I apply in repairing restaurant equipment, the greater amount of product to absorb heat requires a greater heat source to maintain a set cooking temperature. ...
  15. ecducit

    FINISHING SAUCE (for Pulled Pork)

    I jumped from the first page to the last only to say that the OP's concoction sounds Carolinian.  Will read on through for other suggestions though.  I'm doing up some pulled pork for an "undetermined" amount of guests in a few weeks and already intended to make a Carolina sauce as an option.  I...
  16. ecducit

    Smoked Butt w/garlic cloves?

    I've done various pork roasts in a slow cooker or oven.  My flavorful choice has been to stab multiple pockets into a pork roast, then cram a clove of garlic into each.  Eventually, an entire garlic bulb may be found in my pork roast.  I love pork and I love garlic. Only problem...
  17. ecducit

    Any ideas for a Pork Roast?

    Yup...no rib in there.  Sounds like you're your smoking it in a pan to retain ALL juices and the fat.  Am I right?  Almost crockpot style to finish off, it sounds.  My only concern would be those potatoes, which need to reach 210 degrees to get done.  Am I wrong on that? However, the whole idea...
  18. ecducit

    Newbie to Smoking with specific B B Rib questions

    As with any grill, you should wire brush the grates after use. Thereafter, when preparing for next use, I always preheat to a high temp and, somewhere in there, give the grates another good wire brushing.  Doing this will kill anything organisms which may be lingering and feeding off of residue...
  19. ecducit

    pork butt question

    I'd wondered that myself, since that IS what you do to any roast before going into an oven or a slow cooker.  I looked at the Boston Butt going into my smoker yesterday and told it "I should sear you." Might contribute to better "bark" on the outside? Maybe greater moisture retention and a...
  20. ecducit

    Smoking 8 Shoulders at Once

    Heat rises to the top, so the ones at the top of your smoker will cook qiucker IMHO.  They're heavy, but I'd rotate them for the the sake of knowing I did so.  Be sure to temp them all individually for consistent doneness.
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