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  1. ribob

    freezing summer sausage

    I smoked up 10 lbs. of ss today, 1/2 beef & pork, 1/2 venison & pork. Will the ss be alright if I freeze it?
  2. ribob

    oops......dumb azz

    I was pre-heating my Master Forge smoker so I could smoke some corn. I came out about 20 min. later to load it up. When I opened the top door there was my Taylor digital thermo. w/ probe taking on a brand new shape. It was blinking a blue light which reminded me of R2 D2 from star wars. After I...
  3. ribob

    bucket-o-chicken and beans

    I smoked up some chicken quarters today. They were the most moist and tender chicken I've had. I brined the chicken over nite in apple juice,worcestershire sauce, garlic powder,onion powder, kosher salt and water. I also injected them w/the brine. The beans I used Bush's grilling beans w/ chiles...
  4. ribob

    end results

    Sorry for the short qview. Between talking w/ friends and 12 oz. curls I forgot all about photos. Well any way here are my ribs 3-2-1 method. They came out moist and falling off the bone. Enjoy, have a happy 4th.
  5. ribob

    first smoke

    my first smoke in my Master Forge propane smoker. I did up some bbb and canandian bacon. Came out pretty good ,I think.     The CB has onion and garlic powder and cracked blk. pepper, The bbb has brown sugar and maple syrup.                      Smoking nicely at 190  ...
  6. ribob

    Hello from little Rhode Island

    Hi members. My name is Bob and I'm just getting started in smoking. I'm a novice sausage maker and smoked them w/ a little chief smoker. I jest recently purchased a Master Forge propane smoker witch at the moment has canadian and bbb smoking in it right now. I've searched a lot of sites, but...
  7. ribob

    no moisture

    I've got my first canadian bacon curing since last Thursday afternoon [6/23] There is no liquid in the freezer bag yet. Is this normal? I used cure #1 as per directions, 1 teaspoon per 5# of meat.
  8. ribob

    new master forge smoker

    I picked up my new master forge propane smoker from Lowes today. It is seasoning as I type this. I have some buck board and candian bacon curing since yesterday. Cant wait till there done. I was amazed at how quick it came up to temp. and held. I might even convert my old Smoky Mountain vertical...
  9. ribob

    chicken and ribs

    I'm a newbe to smoking meats. I was wondering if you could smoke a whole chicken and ribs in the same smoker at the same time.
  10. ribob

    basic cure recipe

    With a 5lb. pork belly or buck board, what would you need to cure it, and how much would you use.
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