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  1. brew14me

    Homebrewers Roll-Call

    Cheers to all of you. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. In my opinion there is nothing better than smoked meat and a good brew to go with it. Add good friends/family and life is great. My hat is off to all of you. We (my brother and I) have been brewing for about 10 yrs now...
  2. brew14me

    AQuestion looking for an answer

    Haven't used kits much, mostly whole grain. If you want to up the alcohol but not change flavor profile a lot try adding a syrup to the fermentation. 5 parts brown sugar to 1 part water. The coffee part we add to the boil in the form of fresh ground beans. Problem with this is the higher...
  3. brew14me

    Smoking Christmas brisket (15lb)

    As Al said, your looking at 15 to 20 hours in that temp range. Typically the wrap is done when you hit the "stall". This can happen in the 150 to 165 internal temp range. Basically you will hit a point in which the IT doesn't really change. This stall can last from a short time to up to 2 hrs...
  4. brew14me

    First Time Brisket Questions

    Once I hit the stall and crutch I pull my temp probe. From past experience I know I have a couple of hours left. I wrap fairly tight with an apple juice/broth mix. I leave the foil so I can open the top and use my thermo pen to check temp. If I don't crutch I leave probe in til I hit my...
  5. brew14me

    First Time Brisket Questions

    After 30 or more briskets in the last 5 yrs I can tell to plan about 1 to 1.5 hrs per pound @ 225 to 250. I always trim the fat down and usually only season with salt/pepper/obion/garlic (SPOG) Occasionally I'll inject with beef broth. Kinda depends on size and quality cut. As for the crutch...
  6. brew14me

    master built newbie

    Welcome aboard. The only mods I have done to my MES is added a smoke generator in place of their chip feeder. I can control the amount of smoke better especially on longer smoke times. I also line the drip tray/pans with foil for easier cleanup. Hope this helps
  7. brew14me

    Turkey Day Questions.

    Welcome to the group. Not sure how much help this is but here goes. 1. I usually don't brine but almost always spatchcock poultry. Time is usually my biggest hurdle. 2. Can't help much on this one since it very rarely gets near freezing here (FL). Can tell you the cooler temps can affect cook...
  8. brew14me


    Everything looks fantastic. Like you I am enjoying this Florida weather (70 miles north of Tampa). Got a chicken in the MES, 2 pork butts on the longhorn and cheese in cold smoker. My one day off this week and working evening shift. Setting the wife and kids up for rest of the week.
  9. brew14me

    New Master built 40" electric...help please

    Temp is going to vary within your smoker depending on how you load it and how much you put in it. The hottest spot is typically right above the heating element. That being said, when it comes to whether to put something under the meat or over depends on what you want to accomplish. Keep in mind...
  10. brew14me

    Questions Smoking Turkey Breast - 2nd time

    I have a MES40 and I usually plan about 4-5 hours at 275 with a bone in breast. 3-4hrs with no bone. As for crispy skin I let it sit on a rack(in a pan) uncovered in the fridge overnight to partially dry the skin. I also found that cooking at the higher temp helps crisp the skin better. A...
  11. brew14me

    Score!!! Fridge for garage

    Awesome. Snowball it does. Ended up with 2 in the garage(needed room for beverages) and an upright freezer on the porch. Still tight on space. (Love the buy one get one sales on meat)
  12. Favorite Pig Sticker

    Favorite Pig Sticker

  13. brew14me

    Favorite Pig Sticker

    This is one of my favorite "general prep knives". About 3 yrs ago when my son was 10 he got interested in knife making. This was the first one he made. For some reason this holds a very good edge. Normally the paracord isn't on it but he used it last week for scouts.
  14. IMG_20161029_204046446.jpg


  15. brew14me

    Smoked Wings--Tough Skin

    Like elky327, I normally do mine at higher temp. I use indirect heat over charcoal. Like SmokinAl I throw them over direct heat for just a couple of minutes. Really crisps the skin then toss in a butter and Frank's mix.
  16. brew14me

    Smokers, Whats your age and how long have you been smoking???

    Pushing 60 here. Been grilling/camp cooking since a very early age (thank you Dad). Wasn't til I moved from PA to FL 20 years ago that I got into the "low and slow" cooking. Started out on propane grill. Now have 40MES, an offset smoker, custom built cold smoker and OK Joe 3n1 plus a Weber...
  17. brew14me

    One of my other hobbies/soon to be professions

    This our current 10 bbl mash and brew tank. We still have our 1bbl and 3bbl setup. Currently we are using 3 fermenters at 7bbl each. Pictures are during setup. I'll get some better pictures for you. Currently we brew 7bbl a week but will go to twice a week brew shortly. Tis the busy season now...
  18. IMG_20151217_132003633.jpg


  19. brew14me

    My First Smoke.

    I have to agree with ChileRelleno. Temperature is the key. I learned a lot of my cooking techniques from my Dad. He was a griller/camp cook type of person. The one thing I remember most is "looks may get you noticed but temperature will keep you out of the emergency room." Poultry doesn't need...
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