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  1. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    I appreciate all the info! I may have to message you for more sometime. And competition grade food is what I'm hoping to make on it. I do kcbs comps a few times a year and added this smoker to help with that.
  2. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    When I cook the pan is flush in the spot it's supppse to be, I think that was just when I first got it and snapped a quick picture while checking it out. And I bought the smoker for $850, the gentleman had had the heavy duty casters added to it also. Also has the backyard cover which is a real...
  3. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    Thanks for all the info! That does make more sense why it would be burning food on the top. I had read they were reverse flow at one time but it slipped my mind. And I will try filling the water up more next time. It is such a pain to clean out though, it doesn't have any drain valves, and it is...
  4. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    Once I get home for the week I will but they are just like a metal plate that slides. Not the best type of vents
  5. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    The rope gasket seems to be in good shape around the door, maybe just a little yellow. And I put about 3/4 of the expanded metal drawer with unlit charcoal and put a full chimney of lit in front of that.probably 6 pounds total. When starting it I have both FB vents 1/4 open and chimney fully...
  6. frosty91

    Backwoods water pan help

    Hey guys, I acquired a backwoods smoker a few months ago and just getting a few cooks on it. Now before I got it I was used to my brinkman trail master offset. And I learned to turn out quality Q after using it for many years. Now with the backwoods, it has 5 racks and a water pan. And I...
  7. Backwoods water pan help

    Backwoods water pan help

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  10. frosty91

    Brisket, it's what's for dinner (w/ pics)

    What did you think of the butcher paper? Better than foil? I haven't tried it but want to sometime. I've always had bark get almost mushy with foil and have to throw meat back on smoker to firm up
  11. frosty91

    Bambi stuffed peppers

    Thanks al! Love that they are so simple to make. And smoking them made them even better! They were tasty! Even better leftover! I like a little hot sauce on mine to spice up even more
  12. frosty91

    Bambi stuffed peppers

    Thank you! It was very tasty!
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  14. frosty91

    Bambi stuffed peppers

    Finished product
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  16. Bambi stuffed peppers

    Bambi stuffed peppers

  17. frosty91

    Bambi stuffed peppers

    Still have ground deer left from hunting season. Getting close to being out though :( next year I will to kill at least 2. I love ground venison for about anything. And I love being able to butcher and grind my own, makes you feel so much better knowing where you food comes from. Unfortunately...
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