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  1. 73saint

    Hickory/cherry smoked deer heart

    I love deer heart!! Have one from last season in my freezer, I usually make deer heart street tacos but I may need to try this!
  2. 73saint

    Venison Roast Jerky (with lots of pics)

    Good luck everyone! Someone be sure and start a thread with pics upon return! Be safe and HAVE FUN!
  3. 73saint

    Venison Roast Jerky (with lots of pics)

    Macon county for me
  4. 73saint

    Venison Italian Sausage

    You got it Warren, and thank you for the kind words!
  5. 73saint

    Venison Roast Jerky (with lots of pics)

    This looks great! I have a batch going in my smoker as we speak....and it’s for the same thing, first rifle in Missouri. Only it’ll be this Louisiana boy’s first ever out of state! Enjoy the jerky and good luck!
  6. 73saint

    Venison snack sticks

    Thanks Al!
  7. 73saint

    Venison snack sticks

    Thanks Winterrider! Thanks Warren, I enjoy sharing so I hope they are! Thanks creek! Thanks X-ray I was happy w the color they got for sure! thanks! I’m making jerky too, Korean bbq hope it comes out ok. thanks chop, what’s funny is my fraternity brother lives in ofallon, that’s where we...
  8. 73saint

    Another snack stick thread...

    Looks like a good start! Can’t have too many snack stick threads...
  9. 73saint

    Venison snack sticks

    Did a 25lb batch of venison snack sticks. First deer on the ground was a big old doe, and I am going on a week long hunt in Missouri, so I wanted some goodies for the trip. Here we go. started out with 12.5 lbs of venison, 10lbs of pork from a Boston butt, and 2.5 lbs of bacon ends from my...
  10. 73saint

    Lang Smokers for sale

    I'm glad to see the page has benefitted you already, good luck!
  11. 73saint

    2019 Venison Summer Sausage

  12. 73saint


    Hmmm. Well, I'm not sure. I usually have almost identically sized pieces; but ever since I started to dry cure for 14 days, my salt levels have remained so consistent that I never even give it any thought any more.
  13. 73saint


    I dry cure. You don't need sep bags. just weigh them out and put the total weight in your calculator. Easy Breesy
  14. 73saint

    Lang Smokers for sale

    And by the way, I was in the same boat as you. Started off with a 700lb 36 patio that is a PIA to trailer. Now I have a 84 fatboy deluxe trailer model with a chargriller. It's an absolute beast and I LOVE IT!!
  15. 73saint

    Lang Smokers for sale

    Join the Facebook group, Lang Smoker Owners. It would be worth it to get a FB account if not for that alone. Trust me, more Langs get moved on that site than anywhere (which is prolly why you don't see them very often on CL)
  16. 73saint


    Yes. For example, sometimes I have to cut my belly in half because my scale maxes out at 11lbs. In situations like that, I weigh each slab, then add the weight (in grams) together, and put that total amount into my bacon calculator. Which seems to me to be the same thing that you are...
  17. 73saint

    First snack sticks, suggestions???

    I'm giving the PS Seasoning's "tex-mex" flavor a try on a doe from this past weekend. I'm planning on using a 50/50 venison to pork ratio. The blends come in 25lb mixes so I'll be using 12.5lbs of venison and the same of fatty pork. Will follow the PS seasoning instructions from there, they...
  18. 73saint

    Hey Y'all...Looky At What I Got Today

    That looks nice, wish I had the room! I love me some country fried steak, mashed taters and butter beans!!
  19. 73saint

    Bacon Season has arrived

    Looks good! I've got 43lbs that have been drying all week, waiting for the storms to clear. Was going to start cold smoking this morning but it was still raining...so I'm going home at lunch to get them going!
  20. 73saint


    I'm sure no matter what it is, you'll do it proud. And a happy birthday to Judy as well!
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