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  1. flyboytr

    Looking for Smokers in MOBILE, AL

    Hello, My name is Travis (FlyboyTR).   I live in Mobile, AL (Tillman’s Corner area).   I’m trying to find folks on the Forum that live in the local area to share our Smoking hobby.   This is a link to my current Smoking project...
  2. flyboytr

    And Yet Another...Refrigerator Conversion! (Electric heat and PID Temperature Control)

    While I love my Old Country, fire breathing, wood burning Smoker...I have decided that I wanted something that was more along the lines of set-it and forget-it! Years ago I used electric bullet smokers with great success...wore/rusted out 7 of them. So I was sort of used to leaving my smoker...
  3. flyboytr

    Porking Up For This Weekend

    It's time to Pork UP! This weekend we are having our Fall Pool & Hot Tub Party for special friends.  I will be smoking 4 large Butts (for pulling), 6 racks of ribs (for snacking…finger food), 50 ABT’s, 2 Fatties, 2 pans of Wicked Smoked Beans,  30 twice smoked taters, and some of my Dirty...
  4. flyboytr

    Leftovers...nice dip!

    From our weekend party I ended up with a few leftovers. I like dips and a Ritz Cracker or a warm torilla chip. So this is what I did... I had two left over smoked potatos, two slices of Fattie, a handfull of pulled pork and about a cup of Dutch's Wicked Beans. I put all this in the food...
  5. flyboytr

    First Butts on The New "Old Country Smoker"

    Last night I finally had the chance to season our new Old Country Smoker. This lasted the better part of 5 hours. I kept playing with adding wood, moving wood, changing the air flow and just in general trying to get an idea how and what I could expect from her. Open the intake vents…and the...
  6. flyboytr

    Lighting Charcoal with Isopropyl Alcohol?

    I watched a YouTube video on lighting charcoal with isopropyl alcohol. I have used alcohol for fuel in various projects…but never lighting charcoal. It burns really clean. This is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWZUrtaEb-U. It’s about 10 minutes long and is a little slow...
  7. flyboytr

    Found a used off-set smoker...Need Input!

    The 36" vertical gas smoker I purchased is just too small. Can't even lay out a rack of ribs without having to cut them in half. Started looking at something a little bigger. I found this used off-set smoker. It looks like a Yodder ? Cheyenne…or something similar. This is a link to the pictures...
  8. flyboytr

    Was smoke-free for three years...Then I found SMF!

    Greetings! I have recently took up smoking…again! Much to the painful dismay of my neighbors and to the delight of our friends. I’ve been smoke-free for 3 years…don’t really know why…just sort of happened. I used an electric dome-top style smoker, and just dumped wood and onions right on top of...
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