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  1. YogiDog

    Cooler Temps in NY

    After 3 1/2 hours. Vacuum packed and left to mellow in basement fridge for a month.
  2. YogiDog

    Cooler Temps in NY

    Cooler Temps in NY so why not get in a batch of cheese to help get through football season. Pepper Jack, Gouda, and Jarlsburg. Apple wood pellets and a AMPS.
  3. YogiDog

    /waves from Gloucestershire, UK

    Welcome to SMF. You will have a great time with your Weber. Great advice here on the forums. Here is a pic of some ribs I did yesterday on my WSM22. Enjoy.
  4. YogiDog

    Just joined the WSM club

    Welcome from NY. I use a WSM22. Once you learn to adjust your vents, they hold a constant temp very nicely. Enjoy.
  5. YogiDog

    Hello from Illinois!

    Welcome to SMF from NY. Lots of great advice and ideas here. A helping hand is never far away. Enjoy.
  6. YogiDog

    Great way to start the week.

    Was a great meal, but I can't lie, the ribs were over done. Next time it will be only 2-2.5 hrs before I wrap. Still a great day to spend a Monday.
  7. YogiDog

    Great way to start the week.

    Bbq sauce on. Almost ready.
  8. YogiDog

    Keeping Pulled Pork Warm

    A cooler with a blanket will help keep it warm. Put in aluminum pan cover tight with foil. Put in cooler. Cover pan with blanket. Kept a brisket warm for 4 hours once. Just don't open it until your ready to serve. Makes blanket smell good also. Lol.
  9. YogiDog

    Great way to start the week.

    Some St Louis ribs rubbed yesterday, smoking today on WSM22 with some cherry wood.
  10. YogiDog

    Dang, Ny'ers

    New to page Not to smoking 22 WSM for 4 or 5 yrs Started off using 22 Weber kettle Located On LI Sound near CT
  11. YogiDog

    Corn Bread (Bear’s Favorite)

    :):) Gonna be doing some ribs on Monday (rain all weekend on East Coast). Already asked my Mixer of 27 yrs to pick up fixings so I can get a batch done while smoking the ribs. Looks great. Can’t wait. Thanks
  12. YogiDog

    Hello from NY burbs

    I was lucky. Mine only needed wheels both grates and the interior ash cleaner. A good cleaning with 0000 steel wool and a degreaser and I was up and running.
  13. YogiDog

    Hello from NY burbs

    Westchester County based
  14. YogiDog

    Hello from NY burbs

    . I blame my father. He raised me a Jets fan and it stuck. Lol
  15. YogiDog

    Hello from NY burbs

    Newly retired after 33 years of Municipal work for small waterfront City. Running a WSM 22inch, 22inch Weber kettle (refurbished). Not a stranger to smoking ribs, pork shoulder, chicken and cheese. Always looking for help and good ideas. Taking it slow and steady with my wife of 25+ years and 2...
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