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  1. doccoff

    REC TEC pellet smoker, are they that good?

    To all who replied, thanks for all the input.
  2. doccoff

    40 Day Fast

    Joopster, About the fast, did you check with your Doctor about what fluids to consume, when and potential negative effects. I am concerned you might strip your body of essential nutritional elements including, electrolytes, complex carbs and protein. If you feel weak, have muscle cramps, heart...
  3. doccoff

    Sam's Club brisket

    Everyone, thanks for the information and positive comments.
  4. doccoff

    Sam's Club brisket

    Big Wheel, I live in Colorado Springs and the meat you get at butcher shops and grocery stores is poor quality, stringy beef. Eve the open range beef I had in Kansas growing up was better than the local merchant stuff here. When I found this for $2.78 a pound, (as opposed to $4.99 to $5.90 a...
  5. Sam's Club brisket

    Sam's Club brisket

  6. doccoff

    Sam's Club brisket

    Finally went to Sam's Club and found their whole brisket to be of superior quality. USDA Choice Angus beef with spectacular marbling. I did trim quite a bit of the fat from the brisket. I did dry brine it with Kosher salt for about 60 minutes. the plan was to cook at 175 for 14 hours. The...
  7. 2014-03-09 17.43.52.jpg

    2014-03-09 17.43.52.jpg

  8. 2014-03-08 15.31.56.jpg

    2014-03-08 15.31.56.jpg

  9. 2014-03-08 14.51.43.jpg

    2014-03-08 14.51.43.jpg

  10. 2014-03-08 14.33.49.jpg

    2014-03-08 14.33.49.jpg

  11. doccoff

    Pulled Chuck Roast

    Wow, impressive. I showed my wife and she said to copy the recipe. Good job
  12. doccoff

    REC TEC pellet smoker, are they that good?

    Thanks Red, It was my pleasure to serve. Now it is time to get after some smokin!
  13. doccoff

    REC TEC pellet smoker, are they that good?

    Red thanks. Its going to be my retirement from the Army present! Oh, yeah, the wife approves which makes it legit!
  14. doccoff

    REC TEC pellet smoker, are they that good?

    Thanks for the tip.
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