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  1. turn4fun

    First build

    Wait, has something changed with pit design in the last couple of years?  When I built my last smoker about 2 1/2 years ago, there was only one or two versions of the calculator floating around, now there seems to be several.  At that time, the general consensus seemed to be that the calculated...
  2. turn4fun

    First build

    Looks good so far.  Is that vent on the door the only one that's going to be on the firebox?
  3. turn4fun

    Charcaol smoker build?

    You might give some consideration to building a UDS instead.  Same basic concept and probably easier to build than the trash can deal.  The guys in the UDS forum have UDS builds down to a science and can offer a lot of build advise.  
  4. turn4fun

    Turning existing concrete/adobe building into smokehouse

    Considering the age of the structure, I'd say there's a good chance it was originally a smokehouse  to begin with.
  5. turn4fun

    Lil' Piggy II coming soon

    Some of you may remember Lil' Piggy, my patio size RF that I built a couple of years ago.  If not, here she is along with a link to her build thread. Lil' Piggy build thread Piggy is smaller than many patio builds, but she fits my needs very well and after smoking with her for 2 1/2 years...
  6. Lil' Piggy II coming soon

    Lil' Piggy II coming soon

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  11. turn4fun

    Square Body Reverse Flow Build

    Awesome score!  I've been looking for some 12" material like that to use as fireboxes on two patio RF's that I'm planning. 
  12. turn4fun

    first smoked cheese

    I would suggest you do a couple bricks a week and vary the smoking time as well as the woods used.  Take good notes on what you did to each batch and then just wait.  I've seen people recommend smoking times anywhere from 45minutes to several hours.  I think it's a matter of personal taste, so...
  13. turn4fun

    Model #21 coming soon.....

    Looks good Wiz!  I think most people would be surprised what you can actually fit in a 12" pipe.  When I built Lil' Piggy I was a little concerned about about not having enough clearance for bigger items.  That fear was unfounded as I soon found that I am able to fit any of the things that I...
  14. turn4fun

    Wood stove for a smoke chamber?

    Looks a little thin to me, I'm guessing maybe 18 ga. at best.  I read some of the reviews and for the price they want, I think I'd run.  If you've got the ability to cut and weld, you can definitely build something better yourself much cheaper.  If you want something pre-made like that, a small...
  15. turn4fun

    What do I do with this deer meat ???

    You can't go wrong with sausage,but if you want to try something that will really wow you, try the pastrami.  I tried it last season and am hooked.  It is a lot easier than it first sounds too.  I used Cowgirl's recipe which can be found here ...
  16. turn4fun

    My 80 Gallon build (Q-view pics added)

    Nice looking build.  I was given an air compressor to use for my next build today.  Got it home and looked at the manufacturers tag, built in 1955. 
  17. turn4fun

    55 gallon drum reverse flow cooker design. What do you think?

    Yeah I know, that's why I was suggesting getting those wheels further back.  3/16" steel plate weighs 7.75 lbs per square foot.  Your dimensions put your fire box weighing 85.5 lbs for the box alone.  By the time you add in your hinges, handle, dampers and fire grate, it will easily be pushing...
  18. turn4fun

    55 gallon drum reverse flow cooker design. What do you think?

    Personally I think drums are a bit thin for a side fire box, harder to hold heat unless insulated.  Other than that, since you have flat ends, I'd almost put the fire box flush on the end rather than notched in to avoid a hot spot.  The other thing that sticks out at me is you might want to...
  19. turn4fun

    Small RF Build using a 100 pound propane tank

    Nice little RF!  Reminds me a quite a bit of Lil' Piggy.
  20. 900x900px-LL-c7400d6e_100_3492.JPG


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