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  1. OldSmoke

    Busy day

    Getting ready for tomorrow’s picnic with the family. Today I smoked a 4lb butt for pulled pork, CSR burnt ends, and smoked bourbon baked beans with bacon and ham. Everything was done over apple and will be served with an apple jalapeño BBQ sauce. The smoker was stuffed all day and it came out great!
  2. OldSmoke

    Pulled Beef Tacos

    This is my first try at pulled beef. Mrs Smoke wanted to make tacos for when the kids visit from the Netherlands this weekend. You folks have been tempting me over the last year with street tacos, so I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I picked up a 3.5lb chuck, rubbed it last night...
  3. OldSmoke

    Storing Homemade BBQ Sauce

    I understand that homemade sauces are good for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. I often have extra sauce with just the two of us. Would it be safe to pour the extra sauce into a vacuum bag, vacuum seal it, then freeze it?
  4. OldSmoke

    Blasphemy Ribs

    Based on a post by @Killa J , I’m going to try Blasphemy ribs tomorrow. I made an Apple Jalapeño BBQ sauce to go with them. I have the ribs dusted overnight. I’m only making one rack for a test. I’m going to smoke these with apple. They look like a good option when you don’t have all day to...
  5. OldSmoke

    Learning happens

    I had my first fail last week. I did a batch of beef jerky same as always, but I used grilling mats on the racks and laid the jerky flat rather than hanging. It saved a lot of work, but came out way too dry, and cooked way too fast. I’m still puzzled. So, using the same recipe, this time I hung...
  6. OldSmoke

    Smoked Dogs

    When prepping for a 4th BBQ we were invited to, I made smoked baked beans, CSR burnt ends, jerky, and trail mix. No leftovers came home with us. I received a lot of compliments on the burnt ends. People were surprised by the cubed, smoked ham in the beans. It was a last minute addition and...
  7. OldSmoke

    Jerky Redux

    We are invited to a BBQ on the 4th, and the host loves beef jerky. At 113 degrees in Oregon, it has been to hot to smoke. But, we had a little cooling and I decided to give it a go. I have not been happy with my marinade. I’ve been on a search for a richer, more savory taste. I ended up...
  8. OldSmoke

    Mother’s Day Tri-Tip

    We are traveling to meet up with our daughter for Mother’s Day and our daughter’s birthday. First visit for over a year. I received meal requests, and have been slaving over a warm smoker all week. It started off with Jerky v4.0. I’m getting closer to the right recipe. It is amazing what a...
  9. OldSmoke

    CSR Burnt Ends

    These were just a cabinet filler to keep a pork butt company. I cubed up some boneless CSRs, dusted them, and let sit over night. Started the smoker on apple, got them up to 140, sauced and stirred in a bit more rub, and covered with foil. Toward the end, I removed the foil to set the bark. The...
  10. OldSmoke

    MLB Hot Dogs

    It always seems a shame to have empty space in the box during a smoke. And, it’s baseball season. We like to have smoked hotdogs when watching a game. So I’ve started to put a couple in during every smoke. I run them to 165, pull them out, vac bag them, and put them into the freezer. On game...
  11. OldSmoke

    Smoking with a Tube

    Somewhere on the forum, someone suggested mixing chips in with the pellets when using a tube. I wish I could thank him because it works great! I have thought that the smoke from the tube tasted a bit light with just pellets. I‘m smoking a pork butt right now with a mix of apple pellets and...
  12. OldSmoke

    A good week

    The evening weather is really nice on the patio, I have a glass of JB Black leftover from my sauces, and just kicking back. I had knee surgery last week to fix a torn meniscus. It went really well. I am up and about without pain and getting some chores done as well. I filled in my week by...
  13. OldSmoke

    First pork butt

    Mrs. Smoke loves pulled pork. The butcher shop was able to cut a nice 3.5 pound piece for me to try out. The night before I made some sauce based on Jeff’s recipe. I add a quarter cup of bourbon and love it. It tastes best if made the night before and allow the flavors to meld. I did a...
  14. OldSmoke

    Easter Ham

    Mrs. Smoke wants a ham for Easter. Problem is I’m having knee surgery the Friday before. The weather was fine so I put it in today. I made a maple-rum sauce to glaze with and it is my new go-to glaze. I invited a friend over for smoked brats on the patio in the sun while watching the smoker...
  15. OldSmoke

    Birthday Ribeyes

    She said, “Why don’t you smoke something?”, which was a clever way of getting me to cook my own birthday dinner. I had picked up a package of smallish ribeyes a while back, vacuum packed them, and put them in the freezer. Ok, I’m on it! I dry brined them with sea salt for three hours, then hit...
  16. OldSmoke

    First Time Beef Jerky

    I enjoy using the cheese I've smoked to make trail mix. Basically, I take jerky, pepperoni, and cheese, cube the cheese, and slice the meat into small pieces and mix it together. Vacuum pack it, let it sit for a couple of days to let the flavors meld, and you have an irresistible snack. But, I...
  17. OldSmoke

    Blizzard CSR Burnt Ends

    The meat was cubed and seasoned overnight, everything ready to go. Except the weatherman and snow. Crazy, we have daffodils blooming. With no turning back, I setup the smoker, got it lit, and started the smoking tube full of pecan. I plugged in the thermometer and it read 23 degrees. And, a 35...
  18. OldSmoke

    Offset Added to Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

    Along with the othe modifications I have done, I decided it was time to move the burning wood out of the smoker cabinet. The wood burns inconsistently and often incompletely giving poor smoke and causing temperature swings. I’ve tried chips, chunks, pellets, dust and combinations of all of them...
  19. OldSmoke

    Pork CSR Burnt Ends

    My plan today was to practice some more on baby backs. They have been coming out pretty good, but I knew I could do better. Just before going to the meat market, I saw a post here on burnt ends. So I picked up four nice boneless ribs to play with. I cubed them into one inch cubes. I placed...
  20. OldSmoke

    Getting Ready!

    I‘m getting ready to continue practicing on ribs tomorrow. They have been coming out pretty good, but not as good as I think they can be. And, for the first time, I will be trying out CSR burnt ends. I went to the meat market today and came away with some real beauties. To keep myself...
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