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  1. isaac

    I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

  2. IMG_4762.JPG


  3. isaac

    I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

  4. IMG_4763.JPG


  5. isaac

    I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

  6. IMG_4765.JPG


  7. I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

    I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

  8. isaac

    I'm back, just smaller!!!!!!

    Hello all brothers and sistas. I came across a little tank and figured I hadn't built anything fun in a while, so I made a cottage mini reverse flow. 3 day build time. I'm painting it tonight and have the thermometer and lavalock on order. Enjoy.
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  10. isaac

    Trailer model on the way.

    Wheels and the start of the fire box. Moving slow compared to my first build.
  11. image.jpeg


  12. isaac

    Is my price crazy?

    300$ is not enough for your troubles, up the price.
  13. isaac

    120 gallon reverse flow trailer build

    I did a build with vents on the side, works amazing. I guess its how you want it set up, i made a circle with two triangles, much like a lang, one is above the grate and one is below, love it.
  14. isaac

    My first reverse flow trailer build

    Awesome build so far, im going to be doing a 200gallon trailer over the winter, i have to make a couple 60 gallon rf smokers first to pay for the beast. Im also in Ottawa and have a little welding shop if you need anything, let me know..
  15. isaac

    New Patio Build from Australia

    Freakin awesome. Great build and I LOVE the handle. You must be thinking of ways to smoke breakfast!!! Looks amazing, and clean, I didn't see any smoke with the lid open, have you tried a wood fire cook?
  16. isaac

    Legs for smoker - Update, build complete.

    Looks awesome. How's it cook?
  17. isaac

    Trailer model on the way.

    These will be a bit slower. First two like mine will finance my trailer build.
  18. isaac

    60 gallon reverse flow

    The vent you posted, circle vent with all the holes you asked about.
  19. isaac

    Dome calculation?

    What did you find to work the best inkjunky? I just got 2 60g and 1 180gallon i need to do my calculations as well, save me cutting them off and welding in flat ends.
  20. isaac

    60 gallon reverse flow

    Mine is 560lbs with grates and everything.  Did you put a drain line in for your RF plate?
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