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  1. nesmokingchad

    Simple brisket advice please

    Let it sit out for an hour or so otherwise you'll just increase your cook time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. nesmokingchad

    4th of July Brisket

    Final product. Not much smoke ring as I had a issue with my amnps and it suffocated and only burned maybe about 1.5 hours. Other than that needed to spiritz or mop it to keep bark softer and not tough as nails. Pulled after 11.5 hours hit 205 and put toothpick in and went in like butter...
  3. nesmokingchad

    4th of July Brisket

    Yeah it stayed right around 255 and after 7 hrs at 170 it. Foiled and not finishing off to 205 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 4th of July Brisket

    4th of July Brisket

  5. nesmokingchad

    4th of July Brisket

    Hey all this will be a fun test.  First time doing a brisket and we are doing one at work.  Picked up a 9# Brisket already vacuum packet just needed to score and then cover with rub.  Here it is resting comfortably in the fridge all wrapped up and ready to go on smoker at 1 am.  planning to eat...
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  10. nesmokingchad

    Pork Shoulder

    Thanks Richie It was fun and tasty
  11. Pork Shoulder

    Pork Shoulder

  12. nesmokingchad

    Pork Shoulder

    So got bored while at work last week and decided to it was time to cook out again.  so off to the store we went and got a pork shoulder to smoke. Decided to use a Pork shoulder as it was cheaper.  $14 for a 9.5 pounder.   rub ingredients rubbed and resting comfortably in fridge till big day...
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