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  1. UMAi Curing Experience

    UMAi Curing Experience

  2. milkman55

    UMAi Curing Experience

    I bought the starter kit from UMAi to give cold curing a try. I started with some Bresaola and Capicola. I just sliced these after the Bresaola had been in the frig about 6 weeks. The Capicola took about 8 weeks to achieve 40% weight loss. Great flavor on both. I just put a 5 lb rolled...
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  5. milkman55

    A-Maze-N: direct from website or Amazon?

    I order direct also because there frequently is a special running. I have found his products for sale in the ACE Hardware store right up the street from my house. They didn't have all the pellet options, but did sell the AMNPS and the tubes as well.
  6. milkman55

    Pickled Brussel Sprouts!

    My batch turned out great. Two questions. Has anyone thought about maybe steaming them 5 min before picking to make them a little less crunchy? After about a week in the jar, the brussel sprouts had a slight grey cast. Anything that can be added to keep the color from turning? The taste...
  7. milkman55

    Pickled Brussel Sprouts!

    Making these today and going to add the onion you suggested. Everything goes better with onion, especially pickled stuff. I will get a baseline before I consider other ingredients like cardamon. I used it in my Wolfgang Puck Squash soup and cardamon makes that recipe. We love brussel sprouts...
  8. milkman55

    MES 30 + A-Maze-N-Smoker

    The external chip tray you pull out about 1-2". Make sure the internal chip tray is empty so it doesn't fire in addition to your AMNPS smoke box. The mailbox mod mentioned is completely different where you place the AMNPS in a rural mailbox and attach it with vent duct. Really useful for...
  9. milkman55

    My 1st rack of pork

    Nice looking rack! I bought the same thing at Costco maybe six months ago and Sous Vide the rack. It was awesome, but my Costco has never had the pork rack since and when I ask they act like I don't know what I am talking about. Not sure when or how Costco decides to carry these. Nice cut of...
  10. milkman55

    New VIVO Stuffer - NOLA Andouille

    After a six hour smoke at 130f moving up to 180f using hickory pellets in my AMNPS. Pulled at 155f IT and cold shower. Going into fridg until tomorrow and then vac sealed.
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  12. milkman55

    How to handle natural casings

    I found casings at my local butcher shop where they sell a quantity for $15 they say will stuff 100 lbs. These are packed in a salt solution in a plastic bag. It looked like a world of casings when I usually make 5 lb batches. I cut off six 18" lengths for my andouille and left the rest in...
  13. milkman55

    New VIVO Stuffer - NOLA Andouille

    I looked at the most common brands, mostly the LEM models. The most important thing to me was all metal gears and obviously a good value. The VIVO is all metal and the finish is very good for the price point. It does have plastic stuffer tubes which some of the more expensive ones come with...
  14. milkman55

    New VIVO Stuffer - NOLA Andouille

    I had made about 5 batches of different sausage with my KitchenAid grinder/stuffer before I sprang for a stuffer. After a little research settled on the VIVO stuffer off Amazon for $107. I tried it out on the NOLA andouille sausage today and wow what a difference. It made quick work of 5 lbs...
  15. New VIVO Stuffer - NOLA Andouille

    New VIVO Stuffer - NOLA Andouille

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  18. milkman55

    Umai --- Pepperoni-- bagged ----tagged and ready to hang

    Why was that the last cheese you will ever make? My neighbor has one of those cheese caves converted from a freezer and makes all kinds of artisan cheeses. I am making my first Capicola and Bresaola with the UMAi bags today.
  19. milkman55

    large sous vide bags?

    They make 2 gal Zip Loc Freezer bags. I use them all the time for large cuts like pork belly.
  20. milkman55

    A warning if you MIcrowave you AMNPS pellets to dry them

    Now I know how I can use my heat gun. Great idea for drying and firing the pellets all in one. Also like the air intake mod. I had read about leaving the chip loader open, but your post is the first time I read about opening the fire box inside the smoker. Makes total sense, great stuff.
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