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  1. zmaxa86

    Stumps Baby Gravity Fed with cyberque guru

    Stumps Baby purchased last October. Maybe has a half dozen cooks on it. Nothing wrong with it just fell on some bad times. It has the rear set smoke stack and custom horse shoe door handle. $2500 obo. If you are interested please msg me for more details. I am located in the burbs of Chicago.
  2. zmaxa86

    OK Joe longhorn roaster pig

    That definitely does thanks a bunch
  3. zmaxa86

    OK Joe longhorn roaster pig

    That's what think I'm going to do. Better safe than sorry
  4. zmaxa86

    OK Joe longhorn roaster pig

    Was wondering if anyone out there has done a whole pig on a longhorn and if so what size
  5. zmaxa86

    Wanted- someone to do a smoker build.

    I am looking for someone interested in building a smoker for me. I have a design in mind but have no skill in welding. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, Zach
  6. zmaxa86

    Trailer rig- to narrow or not?

    Do you have a scetch of what your looking at. Personally I would set the tank to one side to build a storage box on the opposite side
  7. zmaxa86

    1st Post/intro

    I just stash the cash away little by little and tell my wife I won a raffle. That how I bought most of my firearms and how I plan on getting my stumps. LoL. Even in the corps we found a way to get things done.... Got to get creative.
  8. zmaxa86

    1st Post/intro

    Well it is my belief that it's the quality of the cook that makes quality food. On an offset stick burner like mine the reverse flow helps me maintain temp from end to end. My difference is 10-15 degrees. That just means I don't need open the hatch to rotate food, keeping the meat more moist as...
  9. zmaxa86

    1st Post/intro

    I was a combat engineer
  10. zmaxa86

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo, Mod Questions!

    I have had my longhorn for 5 years now. I can not speak to the gasket bc I do not have one on it. I did however enlist the help of a local welder to do some mods on it. I'll start off by sayin he only charged me $75 bc he used some scrap steel he had. We relocated the smoke stack to the same...
  11. zmaxa86

    1st Post/intro

    Well hello all. The name is Zach. Been que-ing now for 10 yrs. I have found that it has provided some great therapy after I was discharged from the Corps. I currently have an Oklahoma Joe (longhorn) that I modified to be a reverse flow. Just yesterday I attached a guru and found it was the best...
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