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  1. burn-it

    First Time - Pork Loin, Mesquite Smoked

    It's been a while since I have been on.  Still lovin' my WSM 22.5. Loaded it up with Trader Joe's Natural Charcoal and Mesquite Lump. Dropped a paraffin wax starter cube in the middle, lit 'er up and put a few coals on the small fire. In 15 minutes, or so, the fire was out and several of the...
  2. burn-it

    First-Time Brisket w/QView

    My first attempt at a brisket.  5 pounder took about 6 hours.  A little over done and dry.  But the flavor was on the money.  Next time, I will pull at 170 instead of 185 for slicing. Here is a link the the SMF Album:  First Time Brisket Album Here is the money shot!  Sorry Bear!  I'm not a...
  3. burn-it

    BBC - No QView { :-()

    On the WSM with mesquite at about 225. 2 hours in.  WSM Malfunction!!  Water pan with clay pot fell into the coals.  Had to disassemble the hot smoker to fix.  No burns, chicken is safe.  Just a little smoke in my eyes.  Now smoker temp is at 250.  I'll pull it when the breast hits 170. ...
  4. burn-it

    Baby Backs for a crowd on the WSM (QView)

    Family from Denver, Atlanta and San Diego came over for some BBQ today.  Picked up 6 racks of baby backs from Costco and smoked for about 4 and a half hours at 220 - 235 with mesquite.  Rubbed and ready for the WSM. Loaded the top and bottom racks. Ready to pull Bucket o Ribs!!  The...
  5. burn-it

    Leftovers!! Smoked CSR Fajitas

    Heated up leftover CSRs, combined with onions and red bell peppers sauteed with a little taco seasoning and mesquite marinade for dinner tonight. Tasty!!
  6. burn-it

    Pork Shoulder Country Style Boneless Ribs - Finished with QView

    My brother and his family are moving back from Denver and I thought I would make them my baby back ribs.  Went to Costco after work and they were all out!  So I picked up a couple of packs pork shoulder country style boneless ribs. Thought I'd coat with a wet rub and leave in the fridge over...
  7. burn-it

    Mesquite Smoked Trout on Smokey Joe Gold

    Frozen trout from Costco seasoned with EVOO and Smokey Joe and TBS Smoked at 350 for 30 minutes.  Internal temp 170.  Came out dry but tasty.  Next time I'll pull it at 150. thanks for lookin! James
  8. burn-it

    Smoked Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce

    Running out of hot sauce so I had to ready.  Smoked 1/2 cup onions and 4 habs with mesquite chips tonight.     More to come tomorrow.  See ya soon!! James
  9. burn-it

    It's all in the details - WSM test run for long smoke

    Doing a dry run before I put an expensive piece of meat in the WSM.  Also an opportunity to check temp variances from grate to grate and the lid. I just spent from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm battling temp control.  To hot/to cold.  Change the vent here, change the vent there.  Called it quits around...
  10. burn-it

    Time to Calibrate: WSM Stock Thermometer and Maverick Redi Chek

    Haven't tested my Maverick for about 8 months and wanted to get an idea of how accurate the stock therm is of my new WSM 22.5. So after 5 minutes in boiling water, the WSM stock therm held at 215 and both the the smoker and meat probes of the Maverick Redi-Chek held at 212. Next step is to run...
  11. burn-it

    Tri Tip Leftovers for Breakfast (with QView)

    Poached some eggs in the rice steamer, nuked some leftover tri-tip, toasted a whole wheat english muffin, put it all together with some homemade hot sauce and pepper jack cheese.  Tasty breakfast!! What a great way to start the day!
  12. burn-it

    Tri-Tip Trifecta for Mother's Day (QVIEW - Link to album)

    Trying something new.  I created an album for the QView.  I hope this works!! Tri Tip Trifecta for Mother's Day 2011 Just in case:  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/gallery/album/view/id/9184/user_id/39192
  13. burn-it

    Looking for good Q in DC, Phili, Virgina and NJ

    Gonna to make a trip to the east coast this summer and want to find some good BBQ while we are there.   Here are the places we will be visiting while there:  1) DC  2) VA (Arlington, Charlottesville, Yorktown, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Alexandria, Vienna)  3) PA (Phili, Gettysburg...
  14. burn-it

    Yesterday was yard work day. Today I needed a smoke (Tri-Tip with Q-View) . . .

    Weed Whacker + Rock + Sliding Glass Door = @!#@$#[email protected] I needed a crevice tool for the shop-vac. The guy comes on Monday to fix the window. Today, the wife and I needed a smoke . . . WSM 22.5 Usage:  3rd Smoke. Meat:   2lb Tri-Tip from Costco. Seasoning:  Olive, Salt and Pepper. Fuel: ...
  15. burn-it

    Second smoke on WSM 22.5 / Baby Back Ribs w/QView

    Mom, Sis and Nephew came over for dinner with me and Mrs. Burn-It.  Had some trouble maintaining temp today but it turned out great anyway.  Next weekend I am going to spend some time getting to know my WSM better.
  16. burn-it

    First smoke on WSM 22.5 / First Beer Can Chicken

    WSM Set-Up:  Kingsford Comp / Left over Cowboy Brand  Mesquite Lump. / Mesquite wood chunks / smoked from 6:45 am to 10:50am Chicken Prep:  2 whole chickens / Same dry rub I use on my ribs (without the sugar)   / New Castle Brown Ale / Pulled when breast of largest chicken hit 160 / Chicken was...
  17. burn-it

    My Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) 22.5" Has Arrived!!!

    That thing is HUGE!! It came last night and and was together in no time!!  I read plenty of GREAT info on the WSM here at SMF and will be firing it up on Sunday. Baby back ribs!!  I'll do the first run with Kingsford Competition.  I have about 6 fist size pieces of hickory for smoke.  Q-View...
  18. burn-it

    Ribs & Fries with QView! Tasty!

    Dry rubbed, wrapped in plastic wrap and sat in fridge over night. 225* and TBS! Put those puppies in the smoker about noon. Started to rain half way through the smoke.  I'm sorry, it doesn't rain is San Diego.  We got some "Liquid Sunshine." You have learned well, Grasshopper...
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