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  1. iluvribs

    Buying a used Lang 60 Deluxe

    i found this Lang 60d 2 hours from me, going to pick it up this week. It needs a very deep cleaning. Got it for $2000.00 which is a good price (to me anyway) Has any one that has a 60 ever put a slide out rack in it, that’s my plan. Thanks in advance!
  2. iluvribs

    tips cole slaw????

    i have been searching for Tips cole slaw recipe and cannot find it, does anyone have a link for it...thanks!
  3. iluvribs

    smoked pork belly wrapped around a pork loin???

    Hi everyone, first i must say i havent been on here for a long time...its good to be back! so a friend of mine has a 13 lb. pork belly with skin on and he says he has done this before....he cuts slits in it and inserts whole garlic cloves throughout with peppercorns and he wraps the belly...
  4. iluvribs

    250 gallon propane tank with 5/16 steel plate for firebox

    folks i have a 250 gallon propane tank i bought from a propane company, this is an out of service tank and has been purged by the company and cannot be used for propane. I also have 3 plates of 5/16 steel. The plates measure 27'' wide and 20 feet long, was going to use them for the firebox and...
  5. iluvribs

    found a 330 gallon propane tank....$$??

    First of all i want to say i paid for the two year deal to help support this site, i havent been on here for quite some time but when i was you guys taught me alot, people go on and on about the ribs, brisket and pork that you taught me how to smoke. So with that being said i wanted to help...
  6. iluvribs

    Scored a new MES 30 for $70.00 :)

    I sold my camper top today for $250.00 and my wife asked me, Well are ya gonna go buy that gun you've been raving about, i said no i think im gonna buy another smoker....im telling ya you would have paid good money to see this one lol but she's right i really dont need another smoker but one of...
  7. iluvribs

    Roast Beef for 300 people, i need some advice, please help

    My nephew is getting married and was going to have food catered to the reception, however he called me and asked if i would cook enough roast beef for 300 people, first of all i look at this as an honor to do this and a smoking challenge if you will, but i never smoked roast beef before so i...
  8. iluvribs

    professional stainless steele smoker on craigslist, whats it worth

    i found this on craigslist and tried to google it with no luck, anyone know what this is worth, i talked to the guy, said his wife bought it for him 5 or 6 years ago, said he has used it only 3 times and couldnt get the hang of it, ( obviously he is not a member here  )  ...
  9. iluvribs

    looking for 250 gallon propane tank in ohio

    i am in the Columbus area looking for a 250 gallon propane tank, i have called most of the propane dealers, scrape yards, junk yards, craigslist. Every one either wants to lease a tank, sell a new tank or just thinks im crazy after i tell them what it is for...i just want a scrape tank, how hard...
  10. iluvribs

    14.5 hrs. later Brisket is awesome w/ Stoker review and Q-View

    Started this at 9:00 last night with lump in the wsm, had my stoker set  up and ready to go. It took about an hr. for the charcoal to settle down with temps running from 222 to 227 ( im not complaining) i stayed up most of the nite with it being the first time with the stoker ( ok ok i just...
  11. iluvribs

    What would you do with this Brisket (10.5 lbs.)

    Picked up a 10.5 lber today at wally world ($2.40 lb)  gonna use lump charcoal in my 22 wsm, going to use the Stoker for the first time and see if I can get some sleep, so for you Stokers out there i wanna do the minion method and I've read that some put the coals on top while others set them...
  12. iluvribs

    Cabinet and table top for my 22.5 WSM...FRANKENSMOKE!

    I measured my smokers height and width and kinda went from there, got the idea from this link...http://tvwbb.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/8680069052/m/7781033806   There was no plans so i just winged it i guess, i have some carpentry experience but not a lot, enough i guess, all i really knew was i...
  13. iluvribs

    why do my ribs dry out?

    I have done the 3-2-1 method and changed that several times just experimenting, i have foiled the ribs short times and long times, i have smoked them with no foil, i always have excellent flavor with different wood,apple hickory ect. The ribs are always tender, i can make them fall off the bone...
  14. iluvribs

    whole hog stuffed with chickens!

    Hog is 240 lb on the hoof (a little big maybe) we tried this a few years ago, 120 lb hog on the rotissori and had 11 chickens inside the belly sowed up with that roast string (dont know what you call it) and had the chickens stuffed with apples...it turned out alright....however for tomorrow...
  15. iluvribs

    new 18.5 wsm on craigslist $160.00

    got this baby today, he wanted $189 and I talked him down to $160. This guy goes to Liquidators.com buys a whole trailer full of stuff in indiana and comes back to ohio and sells it , i could'nt resist [ i've got this smoking thing bad, i hope there isnt any help for it ] there is a few...
  16. iluvribs

    heres the link to the smoker on craigs list

    any info on one of these... http://columbus.craigslist.org/app/1717953018.html
  17. iluvribs

    ever seen one of these smokers?

    Lil Joe 25 Smoker, this is on craigslist, can anyone tell me something about it, looks kinda new...they want $50.00....thanks... [email protected]
  18. iluvribs

    corn beef brisket question...what do i do

    I smoked a 12 ib brisket quite awhile ago,i marinaded in gold bond brisket sauce, hickory smoke at 225 for 18 hrs and wrappped in foil and towels in cooler [ wife thought i was nuts } and it turned out really well, now she wants another one tomorrow. Wally world was $4.97 per pound so i bought 2...
  19. iluvribs

    should i get a sams card or not?

    i went there the other day with a friend and bought some ribs, was real happy with the whole experience and the price. So i thought i would just get my own card, well i talked with another friend and he told me the story how someone hacked his card and he got ripped off...and after reading some...
  20. iluvribs

    spareribs are done w/ the wsm

    finally everything went just right. the ribs turned out awesome,cooked steady temp at 225 to 230 for 2.5, foiled for 1.5 and out of the foil for 1.5, sauce for the last 1/2 hr. Moist, tender, and not fall off the bone, just a slight tug and the bones were clean. in the pic on the grill the bone...
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