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  1. tjdcorona

    Best Electric smoker

    I agree- Ive had an MES for 10 years- it finally died and theres no replacement parts, so .....in search of a new smoker
  2. tjdcorona

    MES control panel face blew off during storm, help!

  3. tjdcorona

    Low and slow or fast and hot ?

    Ive been doing everything low and slow - 225. I am now experimenting with hot and fast - 265-275 for ribs and the one rack I made was so much more tender than low and slow. Now I am gonna try a tri-tip today. Actually two- making one for a friends wifes Birthday. Rub is salt pepper / garlic/...
  4. tjdcorona

    Hi Neighbor -- im in Corona. Im a pellet guy, out of ease of use - but i am getting back into...

    Hi Neighbor -- im in Corona. Im a pellet guy, out of ease of use - but i am getting back into stick.
  5. tjdcorona

    First Tri-Tip -WSM.

    I agree - 190 if youre doing a brisket (I do 203) but not tri-tip. 135-140, then pull it. I smoke it at 225 for 6 hrs, then char on both sides on BBQ.
  6. tjdcorona

    Smoking Tri Tip

    Thats what I use on mine as well --- I also add chili powder, garlic and anything else near that sounds good at the moment!
  7. tjdcorona

    Last Dights Brisket

    oh ---and I find that injecting brisket makes it taste more like pot roast than Brisket --- IMHO
  8. tjdcorona

    Last Dights Brisket

    looks like the brisket from smart and final, or wallmart? Not enough fat in it for sure. I think thats the problem more than anything.
  9. tjdcorona

    Ref; Chuck Roasts - Need Help

    The only time ive had GREAT Chuck roast in a smoker, Ive wrapped it at 145 and pulled it out at 195. I put some beer in the wrap as some more rub. Comes out like BUTTER!
  10. tjdcorona

    Brisket help!!

    203 IT. 225 cook for 14-16 hrs. At 150 you will have the "stall" - dont panic. Wrap TIGHTLY in foil, with some juices, beer, some of the spices you like, and put back in till it hits 203. Theres nothing else to it - only patience. Dont open it, dont look at it, dont do ANYTHING. At the end...
  11. tjdcorona

    Sunday - Tri-Tip, Pork belly and chicken Breasts

    Do you usually leave the skin on pork bellys? Does it come without ?
  12. tjdcorona

    Sunday - Tri-Tip, Pork belly and chicken Breasts

    I have an insulated roller bag. When I bring that in, I have people following me as if I was the pied piper!!
  13. tjdcorona

    Sunday - Tri-Tip, Pork belly and chicken Breasts

    Today Im making it all, but the hatch chile sausages I picked up. They all have different rubs on them, but the pic looks the same. Im putting in the belly first so I can have it as a snack, and then the trip tip and chicken breasts will be on for 6 hrs. I will take the chicken off and throw it...
  14. tjdcorona

    Smoked Pork Boston Butt (Pulled Pork) via Hot n Fast

    "If you want moist meat - you dont need water in the Smoker - you need better meat!"
  15. tjdcorona

    Smoked Pork Boston Butt (Pulled Pork) via Hot n Fast

    NOW !! Put the mailbox mod onto it! Youll love it. Fill the water pan with sand - its only a heat sink, not to add moisture. the pan is NOT there for moisture - just to help stabilize the heat.
  16. tjdcorona

    Smoked Pork Boston Butt (Pulled Pork) via Hot n Fast

    I have the MES 30 as well. The "water" pan, is just a heat sink. Doesnt need to be water - it can be sand, etc.
  17. tjdcorona

    Simple Smoke Chicken Wings - Party Staple

    I have an MES, and Ive smoked them many times. No crisping up is possible, and at 275 max heat - they take 4-1/2 hrs. Tossing them in sauce - with the smoke - makes a great snack. A dozen at a time for me! I have since gotten a chrgrill, which I have been using more and more to but that char...
  18. tjdcorona

    Arroz Mexicana, This is the Classic Mexican Rice

    OK ----also going to borrow the rice and bean recipe! Me Recuerda a mis abuelas !!
  19. tjdcorona

    Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

    Thankyou for the index.......now to find something else in there for an appetizer.....wont be hard!
  20. tjdcorona

    Enchiladas de Pollo Verde aka Green Chicken Enchiladas

    I am making these today - first recipe I came to, and it looks perfect! I have 6 breasts I didnt cook yesterday for laborday meal with family. Theyre in smoker with mesquite wood. I see waht you said about the smoked meat below, BUT - this is a smoking meat forum, and I need that smoker going...
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