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    No Wrap baby Backs

    I was researching a Gravity Q, the Masterbuilt 800 for my Sister and I came across a video on no wrap ribs. I thought I would give it a try and boy was it good. No more wrapping for me. The cook temp was 250 degrees for 4.5 hours or 203 to 205 degrees. I used a Traeger Texas and cherry pellets...
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    Brisket Flat- On Traeger

    I have only smoked 2 Brisket flats and decided to try another with a different method. 1- 7.5 lb flat already butcher trimmed. 2- Seasoned with Traeger Coffee rub, 1st layer and Meat Church Gospel as top layer. Seasoned as I started the grill, about 45 minutes of rest time. 3- Set Point at 225...
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    Economical Smoker or Grill

    I'm looking for a economical grill/smoker to use at my sister's house, about 4 times a year. I have posted on the $130 Char Griller off set smoker and its issues. Here is my list: 1- Oklahoma Joe- Banderas model. $600, includes cost of cover and gasket. 2- Oklahoma Joe- Judge model. $600...
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    Baby Backs on a new smoker

    The day came to cook 4 racks of baby backs on a smoker that I have never used. It is an off set by Nex Gen. I got a lot of good advice from the members on wood/coal selection and how to light it off. I started the fire in a chimney with 25 Royal Oak briquettes, 7 large hunks of FOGO lump and...
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    Test fire of LOGO, RO Embers and Kingford Cherry Wood

    So, I'm cooking ribs tomorrow on an offset smoker, that I have never used. I have a Traegar Texas at home. I lit a kettle with 20 Royal Oak Embers briquettes, 7 or 9 hunks of FOGO lump and 2- 3" X 4" Cherry wood chunks by Kingsford. To ignite, I spread some cooking oil on an 8" paper plate, and...
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    Wrap in a Pan?

    Hello SMF, I'm smoking baby back ribs for a family party at my sister's house on Sunday, using an off set smoker that I have never cooked on. The grill size is 15 3/4" X 27 3/4". I want to cook 4 racks, but 3 will do. Questions: 1- I normally don't cut racks into smaller portions, but I can do...
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    B&B Charcoal

    After reading about B&B charcoal on SMF, I bought a 9 lb bag and used it to cook Spatchcock Chicken. The bird came out great. My primary charcoal has always been Kingsford brand of different flavors. I found that the KF light easy in a Weber Chimney, taking about 20 minutes. I only had to light...
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    Spatchcock Chicken

    I cooked a Spatchcock Chicken on a small Nexgen charcoal grill. I used B&B coals and indirect heat. This grill is very small and the cooking grate is only 4" above the coal rack. This is why I went indirect. This is my first time using B&B coals. That is another thread topic. I had the chimney...
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    Smoker Basics

    I have used a pellet smoker for the past 10 years, My sister, who lives an hour away, bought a Nex Gen 29" Charcoal Barrel Smoker with an off set fire box. My job is to smoke ribs for an upcoming BBQ house warming party. I want to use a combination of Kingfords charcoal and Hickory chunks for...
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