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  1. torkey

    Keeping fire temp

    I plan on trying the all wood method throughout, just starting with a little coal to get it going. So the pecan wouldnt impart too strong of a flavor using it all the way through, correct?
  2. torkey

    Turkey Tune-Up

    Looks excellent!!! I was sitting in class yesterday looking at this while doing a little research on here for thursday and man, by the time I got out of class I was STARVING hahaha. I know you stated the ingredients in your brine and rub, but any chance of quantities of the ingredients for us...
  3. torkey

    Keeping fire temp

    Thanks again for all the input! Meathunter, I was using the hickory basically as a test run at heating and maintaining temperature. You stated to use a milder wood such as oak..I plan on using pecan...and throwing in some cherry chips (chunks and logs are not available to me right now). But...
  4. torkey

    Keeping fire temp

    hmm..i dont know about well seasoned..the wood i bought was some smoking wood that i bought in a big bag from academy in the grilling section...so im assuiming this is adequate?
  5. torkey

    Keeping fire temp

    Thanks for the input. The lump was the heat source and the wood I want to use for flavor. im doing a practice run with some hickory right now, and on thursday i plan on using pecan logs (or chunks if need be) and some cherry chips. If I can get away with using JUST wood, i would, I like that...
  6. torkey

    Keeping fire temp

    Hey guys, im new to the forums and actually even newer to smoking lol. I just picked up an "old country" pit a few days ago, and tonight went to season the pit a bit and have a test run at keeping the right fire temp. Here's how the process went.... Started with lump charcoal, an OK...
  7. torkey

    Is Pecan Wood good for Turkey

    is it ok to mix a little cherry with the pecan? or better to just use the pecan? I have some cherry chips that i'd like to use with my pecan logs..good combo?
  8. torkey

    What Wood to use for Turkey? Time?

    Im gonna be experimenting this week too lol...I think im going to try a mix of pecan and apple
  9. torkey

    More first time turkey advice needed ;)

    excellent..thanks for the tip...any amount of time necessary to soak in the cold water and Ice?
  10. torkey

    More first time turkey advice needed ;)

    thanks for the input! now i gotta try and find some apple wood....lol
  11. torkey

    More first time turkey advice needed ;)

    Alright, i just posted my intro thread not 5 mins ago and signed up for the 5 day ecourse...unfortunately, thanksgiving isnt 5 days away hahaha. I have found the answers to most the questions i've had on here but had juuuuust a few more. I plan on using the brine recipe that Travcoman put up...
  12. torkey

    Smoked turkey with plenty of Qview

    hoping my turkey Thurs looks half as good as that...haha..Looks excellent!
  13. torkey

    Newbie from SATX

    Hey guys, Im Kyle.... after hours of browsing online about meat smoking tips, I stumbled on a website where I should have started! I just picked up my first smoker yesterday. Nothing too crazy, its a 20" Old country BBQ pit that I had been looking at for a while. I talked the wife into it...
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