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  1. mls

    Pulled Pork Success - Kind of.

    Well I finished my Boston Butt smoke and they came out fine.  There was no problem with them tasting bland this time.  It may have been the rub or it may have been the wood chips because this time I had a lot of TBS. However, I had somehing happen this time that has never happened before. ...
  2. mls

    Screwed Up My Pulled Pork

    My last batch of Pulled Pork had the flavor of day old cardboard and I think I know why.  When I got ready to smoke I found I was almost out of rub and the ingredients to make any more.  The store is 30 miles away so I went ahead and smoked 6 butts with almost no rub on them.  They looked great...
  3. mls

    Using a finishing sauce.

    I just finished smoking and pulling 16 Boston Butts and it has been a long day.  I was gong to put on Jeff's finishing sauce but when we started pulling I realized we didn't have all the ingredients we needed.  We went ahead and pulld them but it is midnight and all the stores are closed. My...
  4. mls

    Anyone do Overnight Smokes?

    I am by no means a Smoking Guru but I do enjoy it when I find the time. My wife wnted some pulled pork for tomorrow evening so when I got home tonght I put 3 8 lb boston butts on my GOSM propane at 8:00pm. That means I will be able to tend and spritz them until about midnight before I crash...
  5. mls

    Can't remember

    I haven't smoked for several months so I'll ask a dumb question. I put on 3 Boston Butts, each 8b lbs. I know I want the internal at 200* when I pull them but I forgot where I should have the smoker set. Should it be about 225* or higher. Thanks.
  6. mls

    Think I've got it right.

    Been too long since I've fired up smoker but tomorrow is 3 butts. Think my memory is correct but let me know. Here it is: 1. Rub and fridge night before. 2. Smoker at 225* to 250* with mesquite chips 3. Spritz every 2 hrs with Apple Juice & Rum 4. Take to 175* and wrap in foil 5. Take...
  7. mls

    Smoking Buffalo ????

    It seems like I'm always on here asking questions but it's you guys fault. I always get good answers so I keep asking. Here goes: We have started a concession trailer and will be selling Buffalo Burgers, Hot Dogs and Bratwurst at fairs and craft shows. The only dogs and brats I can find are...
  8. mls

    Overnight Smoke ???

    As mentioned in another post, I may be smoking several butts on a regular basis. In the past I have used meowey's basic butt instructions along with SoFlaQuer's sauce and they always come out great so thanks to both. However, I wonder how important it is to spray the apple juice/rum mix and...
  9. mls

    Don't Laugh, I'm Serious, I need help !!!

    I need to know about how many sandwichs a 9lb butt will make if I use regular sized hambuger buns. Please don't laugh and don't tell me "It depends on how big you make em". Here's the rest of the story: My wife and I have a concession trailer we operate in the warmer weather. Recently I...
  10. mls

    Please don't tell me I screwed up !!!!

    Hit the met dept today and they had a special on Sirloin Pork Roast for $1.00 lb so I bought a half dozen. While I was there I also bought a 14 lb brisket at $2.38 lb and some spares at $1.69 lb to smoke tomorrow. I've got the brisket, a slab of spares and 1 of the roast rubbed down and in the...
  11. mls

    Silly Question

    This is a silly question but here goes. On a remote meat thermometer does the entire probe read the temp or just the tip. The reason I ask is because tomorrow when I do my briskets I am going to wrap them in TF at about 180* then take them up to 205* before I pull them. When I put them back...
  12. mls

    Do I wrap a brisket?

    Bought 2 Boston Butts and 2 Briskets (Flats) today to smoke this weekend and then pull so we can take to the lake over Labor Day. Never done a brisket before but have had good luck with spare ribs. Questions: Should I take the brisket out after a couple of hours and wrap it in tin foil like I...
  13. mls

    Smoking Drumsticks?

    Yesterday I bought 2 family packs of chicken drumbsticks (24 pieces) and I am going to smoke them today. I have brined them for 5 hrs. Most of the skin has already been removed so I thought I might removing the rest and try wraping them in bacon and smoking them at about 300* or until internal...
  14. mls

    Boston Butt Roasts

    I bought 3 small Boston Butt Roasts that weigh about 2 1/2 lbs each. I am going to fix them tomorrow in my 36" GOSM. From reading the threads I will smoke them at about 230* till the internal is about 200* then take them out to pull. Others on here say it takes about 1 1/2 hrs per pound which...
  15. mls

    Guaranteed 'Dumb' Question

    Just getting into smoking and enjoying it. So far everyone has been very helpful on my few posts. I know it sounds dumb but here goes: How do you "pull" beef or pork? I've eaten shredded beef and pulled pork sandwiches before and they are great but how do you pull it. Do you use somekind of...
  16. mls

    Smokin Joe

    I was playing poker with a friend of mine last night and mentioned I had bought a GOSM smoker and reay enjoyed it a bunch. He said he has a "Smokin Joe" or "Smoker Joe" or something like that which he got brand new from a guy who owed him money about 15 years ago sitting in his garage. It is...
  17. mls

    Smokin' a Ham

    I just bought a 10 lb 1/2 ham that is spiral cut and it says fully cooked and hickory smoked on the label. I want to fix it on my 36" vertical GOSM. Any tips will be appreciated. What temp, how long and should I leave the net wrap on it since it is already sliced to hold it together. Do I need...
  18. mls

    You created a monster, now help !!!

    That's right, a monster has been created and it is partly the fault of a lot of great people on this forum. My wife of 45 years doesn't want to cook anymore since I started smoking. Now she wants a smoked whole turkey for the weekend and I've never done one so it's back to the SMF. (1) I...
  19. mls

    Thanks to everyone.

    Last week I bought a GOSM 36" vertical smoker and fixed 2 slabs of ribs on Sunday. I used the 3-2-1 and they were fantastic. Thanks to all who answered my questions and gave me such good advice. This forum is loaded with great people. This weekend I have a bunch of kids, spouses, and...
  20. mls

    Cool Down Time

    I've got my first 2 slabs on the GOSM now and I'm 2 hrs into my 3-2-1. Here's the question. When finished, how long should they cool before eating and should I turn the smoker off (propane) and let them cool in there, wrap them up and put them in the fridge, or wrap them and just leave on the...
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